Don’t let the recent crazy weather stop you from heading to the beach. We still live in a tropical country and going to the beach doesn’t necessarily require super bright sunshine all the time. Let’s just hope for less rain. Since I live in Mactan, I have plenty of resort options to hop on to! My favorite? Crimson Resort and Spa. Why? Let me break it down for you.

1- Entrance

1. An Entrance to Paradise

When you enter to this view, there’s no doubt that you are entering paradise. Need I say more?


*Photo taken from Crimson’s website

2. That Infinity Pool

How can you deny yourself the joy of swimming in their beautiful infinity pool? The pool is perfect for those who are not adventurous enough to swim by the beach. If you ask me, I can swim here all day!

3 - rock bar

*Photo taken from Crimson’s website

3. The Place to be

Don’t forget to stop by Azure Beach Club! Aside from the great view, there is also an Asian Grill Restaurant, beach lounge area and, my favorite, Rock Bar by the cliff. This is a great spot to enjoy booze while having fun with family and friends.

5 - tempo food

4. Food Lovers Haven

You know you are in for a treat when you dine at their restaurants. Saffron Café prepares local and international cuisines. It is an all-day dining restaurant that offers both buffet and ala carte menus. Its proximity to the pool and the background of lush green plants add to a more enjoyable experience. Don’t count the calories that come with the desserts, order green tea when you are done, take a quick break and swim it all away.

You can also go to Score Sports Bar. This is the playhouse for the boys! You can play billiards and enjoy beer, but if the barkada is in for videoke then sing your heart out here.

4 - food lovers haven

5. Tempo my Love!!

Aside from the Rock Bar, there is another romantic spot in the resort and it’s none other than the Tempo Restaurant. If you want to indulge in a fine dining experience with sophisticated ambiance, head over to Tempo Restaurant and impress your date!

Tempo has also recently launched its new menu so have a taste of all these incredible dishes.

Tempo’s New Menu

Seafood Bouillabaisse

Ravioli of Crab

Oven Roasted Snapper

Crispy Pork Belly

Slow Braisee Wagyu Beef Cheeks

6- Executive chef & Pastry chef 2

Crimosn’s new Executive Chef, Joachim Felber together with their Pastry chef, Edgar Daclan

6. Impressive Record of Their New Executive Chef

Crimson’s amazing food choices were made from the hands of the expert. Joachim Felber, the resort’s new Executive Chef has a culinary record that is bound to impress you! With more than 37 years of experience in the culinary field, this man knows his thing. He has also worked for Burj Al Arab and organized two royal weddings for over 3,000 people! How cool is that?

7 intimate setting

7. Intimate But Fun Setting

Whenever I ask my mom why she prefers Crimson over other resorts, she always mentions the relaxing and intimate environment. Since I cannot deny that I now prefer more cozy and laid back places, I cannot help but agree with her. Although it is one of the top resorts on the island, it offers a cool and lax set-up which is perfect after the hustle of the city.

Have you ever stayed at Crimson? Share your experience to us!

You can find out more them and their offers at their Facebook page or website.

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