The Month of May is slowly slipping away!! It’s the final month of sun, sea, and surf before we are forced back into school, studying, and sadness. Well, not exactly…. but you get my point! So why not make the most of this last month of summer? How? Here’s a suggestion:


To make things easier, we’ve compiled a couple of contacts to help you choose the one which best suits your needs (and your budget!)

Islands Banca Cruises
(7-10 pax)
Just Cruising: PHP 4,700
Pandanon: PHP 5,700
Amenities: steward services, free use of towel, life jacket, ipod dock, Wi-Fi internet access, and bean bags.
Contact: 09176300736, 09176300736, (032) 236-4896, (032) 516-1903

Cebu Islands Buffet
(10-14 pax)
Kawhagan, Gilutungan, Sulpa: 800/head inclusive of buffet meal and free use of snorkels
3 islands above + Pandanon: additional P700* (overhead cost)
if just Pandanon: additional P500* (overhead cost)
Contact: 0922-8713122 ; (032)583-1310
Location: Marigondon, after Plantation
*additional rate is only an estimate and applies to total rate and not on a per pax basis

Roque Island Hopping
Pandanon (15pax): PHP 5,000
Location: After Hilton
Contact: 09279762207

Island Hopping
(for 10 pax)
Gilutungan, Sulpa, Nalusuan: PHP 3,500
Talima and Pandanon: PHP 4,000
Contact: 09272054129


Boy La
(10 pax)
Nalusuan, Sulpa, Gilutungan, Kawhagan: PHP 2,700
Pandanon: PHP 4,000
*You can also order food at PHP500/head (TIP: the servings are a lot so I suggest ordering less than the number of actual people going on the trip)
Location: Buyong, Mactan
Contact: 09224478503, (032) 492-1823, (032) 267-9391

Olrich Boat
Gilutungan, Sulpa, Talima
Small boat (maximum 15 pax): PHP 2,500
Big boat (maximum 35 pax): PHP 3,500
Small boat: PHP 3,500
Big boat: PHP 4,500
Location: Baybayon, Maribago (near Imperial Palace)
Contact: 09226149553

Kontiki Marina
(maximum 20 pax)
Sulpa: PHP 2,700
Talima: PHP 2,700
Hilutungan: PHP 2,800
Tingo: PHP 2,800
Nalusu-an: PHP 3,100
Mactan Tour: PHP 3,200
Caohagan: PHP 3,200
Lilo-an: PHP 3,300
Ca-ubian: PHP 4,000
Pandanon: PHP 4,000
Sandbar: PHP 5,500
Location: Club Kontiki Resort (Maribago, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu)
Contact: (032) 505-2273

Islands may charge an entrance fee of P150 – P200

*Disclaimer – Rates are subject to change without prior notice so we suggest you call the listed contact numbers and verify the rates! These rates are based on May 2011.

Photo credit: Ria Redulla


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