Some of us may have lived in this city for years now. Others may have visited Cebu for countless times, or maybe for the first time. But there’s always something new with Cebu.

You just need to see it with a different view.

Here are 5 ways to explore, discover and rekindle your love for Cebu.

Islands Banca Cruises’ Sunset Chillout Cruise 
Most have driven through two of Cebu’s famous bridges, the Old Mactan and Marcelo Fernan Bridge, but one has to experience cruising below these landmarks and watch it sparkle at night. You’ll be on board the pimped-out bancasfor an hour and a half, cruising the Mactan Channel while enjoying the sunset, spectacular view of the islands, the sea breeze and the relaxing chill-out music in the background. The cruise leaves at 5:30PM every day and entrance fee includes one free drink.
Phone: (6332) 516 1903

Downtown Walking Tours 
Experience a Cebu walking tour with Ka Bino. Known for his entertaining and insightful tours, he’ll not only just bring you to the usual popular tourist attractions in the city, but he’ll also ignite your passion for reviving the allure of Colon, the oldest street in the Philippines. His entertaining way of telling the rich history of the downtown area will educate and enlighten you about Old Cebu and its heritage.
Phone: 0916 790 4611

Edge Coaster
This breath-taking ride will push you to the limits (literally) while letting you experience a 360 degree view of the Cebu City skyline. Located at the 38th floor of the Crown Regency, the Edge Coaster allows a distinct view of the cityscape of Cebu. The ride itself can be tilted down for a more exciting experience. TIP: Bring a friend to take photos of you on the ride because they don’t allow you to bring mobile phones and cameras. God forbid you drop them to the innocent bystanders below.
Phone: (032) 418 8888

The New Plaza Independencia
Part of the city’s beautification project, the newly made over Plaza Independencia opened its gates to the public again, offering a place where Cebuanos can enjoy and be proud of. An oasis within the bustling downtown and pier area, fitness enthusiasts now frequent the area for activities like jogging, tai chi and walking. During weekends and holidays families flock the area for an afternoon picnic, strolling and bonding.
Location: Beside Pier one

Suroy-Suroy Sugbo
“Suroy” which means to travel or visit is the main thrust of this project spearheaded by the provincial government. Suroy-Suroy Sugbo aims to take tourism to the different towns and municipalities of Cebu, allowing these places to showcase the best of what they have to offer. The program houses five different itineraries scheduled and offered in different parts of the year. Beyond the bountiful food, awesome entertainment and scenic views, it is the warm hospitality of the community that makes you appreciate Cebu and its people.
Phone:(032) 253-5642


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