Anyone who has spent Holy Week in Cebu City knows that it becomes a ghost town. Establishments close, traffic is nonexistent and most people leave for white sand and beautiful beaches. This seems to be the only time when people DON’T stay in Cebu City. Here’s what an empty Cebu looks like. There’s a reason for the empty streets. Cebu happens to be near many great places to go for Holy Week. It’s a perfect jump off spot for a quick vacay.

Let’s start with the most obvious choice.

This was taken at 9 in the evening. It was pitch dark. No late night beach parties over here.


This is first on the list of many Cebuanos. Holy Week in Bantayan is EPIC. People flock to this beach island to experience non-stop parties, gigs and beautiful people all while basking under the heat of the sun. If you are looking for a good time, this is the place to go. Most of the action happens in Sugar Beach. Word was the parties used to get CRAZY! But after the banning of the bikini shows, things have calmed down a little bit. Who knows what this year in Bantayan will be like?

PS – Remember to book your hotels and boats early. Lots of people go!

 PPS – 3/16/15 This is an update to the post. If you’ve been wondering what Bantayan has been like since the Yolanda tragedy, we visited it recently and blogged about it. You can read it here.


Wild partying isn’t your thing? You want to spend Holy Week with the family? Or maybe even a short getaway with the girlaloo? Bohol is a great alternative location. Of course, you’ve got Alona Beach for the necessary wading in the water and lazing on the sand. If it’s your first time, it’s always worth visiting the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers. For something different, you could tour some of the oldest Churches in the Philippines or even go dolphin watching.  Here’s a good place to start for the different Bohol tours.



Maybe you want to use Holy Week to escape people. We’ve got you covered! Visit Camotes. Ok… you won’t exactly be able to escape people. There are still a good number of beach goers to Camotes, but you will enjoy being away from the holiday ruckus. There’s also a TON of great to-dos. You can visit a neighbouring islet called Tulang Diot or  jump down a 30 foot cliff in Buho Rock (our favorite). We can even hook you up with a private guest house. Ask them if they are still available. There are also plenty of places to stay around Santiago Bay.

By Steph Senires

By Steph Senires


You would rather look for something to do within the island? You wouldn’t mind a nice drive looking for a no frills beach? That’s easy. Check out Tingko Beach in Alcoy. All you need to do is drive south for about two hours. It’s a public beach with a small entrance fee (P10 per person – the last time we were there). White sand and good water. Need more convincing?  The drive down south is pretty good. You’ll pass by the Southern Churches of Cebu. If you’ve got time to stop and explore, it’s always a good experience. You’ll also pass Carcar so take advantage. Drop by the Carcar Shoe Expo and treat yourself to a new pair of shoes. Grab a few kilos of the famous Carcar Lechon. Once you hit Alcoy, all you need to do is sit back and relax.


You can always hit Mactan. Some of the best resorts in the Philippines are a stone’s throw away. There are lots of choices too. I won’t bore you with the details, but you can always go to… ShangrilaBEresortsMovenpick PortofinoWhiteSandsPlantation BayCrimsonCostablla MaribagoBluewaterImperialPalace. If resorts and beaches aren’t your thing, you can always go island hopping. There are plenty of choices there too. Just ask the boats where they suggest.

What are your favorite places to go for Holy Week? Let us know in the comments below!  

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