1. Best Lechon in the Philippines… nay… the World!
  2. Steamed Rice – every Cebuano has craved for this at one point in their life.
  3. Puso – no one wraps a piece of rice like we do.
  4. Siomai Sa Tisa
  5. Swimming with the Whale Sharks in Oslob
  6. Sinulog parade
  7. Sinulog street PARTIES – Sorry but Sinulog is so big it deserves two entries in the list.
  8. Sunburst – Fried Chicken with Banana Ketchup and soy sauce worcestershire sauce = yummy!
  9. Grilled food – Larsians, Matias, AAs, Cheavers
  10. Cebu indie bands – Here’s something not too many people know about, Cebu bands are gooood. Give them a listen.
  11. Urbandub – They deserve a slot on their own in this list, just because they are the quintessential band with Cebu roots. Everyone is proud of them.
  12. Island Hopping
  13. Cebuanas are beautiful. But you knew that already.
  14. Halloween in Cebu is one big ghoul party!
  15. Crunchy Ngohiong dipped into spicy sauce.
  16. The beaches are literally minutes away. We are the envy of all cityfolk.
  17. Climb Osmena Peak and traverse all the way to…
  18. Kawasan Falls
  19. Weddings in Cebu. They so magical!
  20. Cebuano Clothing Brands are loud and proud!
  21. SM Seaside City – it’s not up yet, but the anticipation is killing us.
  22. Getting up early for Sunday Fun runs. *Yawn*
  23. Hole in the wall restaurants – mouth wateringly lami!
  24. Staying alive in Colon, the oldest street in the Philippines.
  25. Out of town visitors always comment on the very affordable and very delicious food!
  26. Otaku Fest – the popularity of Cosplay cannot be ignored!
  27. The word lami – literally translated it means “tastes good” but you don’t hear people point to a girl and say, “masarap.” Do you?
  28. Parola in Liloan
  29. Skate spots in Cebu – from Concave Skatepark to under the Marcelo Fernan Bridge.
  30. World renowned Fashion designers! Cary Santiago, Wendell Quisido, Philip Rodriguez, Philip Tampus, Arcy Gayatin, Mary Ty – They all so fashion.
  31. UBEC Graffiti – beautifying the streets.
  32. Cebuano artists – open your eyes to art coming from the dirty south. It’s all around.
  33. Street Photography in Downtown Cebu.
  34. Basilica del Sto. Nino Church
  35. Mountain ziplines so close to the city. But the closest would be in…
  36. Crown Regency – first building to building zipline.
  37. Dive in Moalboal – one of the best dive spots in the world.
  38. Party in Bantayan for Holy Week
  39. Or visit Camotes for Cebu’s best kept secret
  40. Rough and physical basketball. None of that weak shit here.
  41. Roadtrips ^^ South or North? You can’t go wrong either way.
  42. Magellan’s cross – first bastion of Christianity.
  43. Sunset at TOPS
  44. How many cities can boast a singing Mayor?
  45. Chicks nga Governor ^^
  46. Biggest library in the Philippines is in USC
  47. Bisaya one liners – DMD, ISTORYAHEEEE, CHUBI2x, pag CHURE uy, the list goes on.
  48. It’s a bit of a cheat (100 reasons is a LOT) but we’re so near Bohol! – Tarsiers, Chocolate hills, Danao Adventure Park, Pandanon, Panglao. That’s five reasons in one number!
  49. Great nightclubs in Formo, Penthouse, Vudu, Loft, and Alcohology.
  50. A unique nightlife experience in Mango Ave.
  51. Tagay with the Cebu beer of choice – Red Horse!
  52. Lapu-lapu – the first Filipino hero is from Cebu baby!
  53. Inmates doing the moonwalk in CPDRC. World famous!
  54. Pray for good fortune in Simala.
  55. Cebu has many talented professionals. Just look here, here and here to name a few.
  56. Queen of Cebu – the ulitmate Pageant for Alternatives!
  57. The iconic Fuente Circle.
  58. Staple tourist destination in Taoist Temple.
  59. Some of the best Hotels/Resorts in the Philippines – Shangrila, Waterfront, Marco Polo, Radisson, Plantation Bay, Imperial, Movenpick
  60. Dancing Tax Collectors
  61. Shop at the Carcar Shoe Expo
  62. Guitars – we make the best guitars which in turn brings us to…
  63. Cebu has ridiculously good guitarists!
  64. Everything is 15 minutes away 20 minutes away. Kay grabe na ang traffic.
  65. We’ve got plenty of Historical Churches (especially down south).
  66. Pungko pungko – not for the faint of stomachs.
  67. Buangathisguy
  68. Istorya.net
  69. Sinugbang Sugbo
  70. Aside from the hole in the walls, pungko pungko, and grilled food, Cebu has a really good variety of restaurants; Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Japanese.
  71. Kenneth Cobonpue
  72. Monique Lhuillier
  73. Dondon Hontiveros
  74. Oh.. Cebuanos don’t get startstruck. Whenever we see a celebrity in the mall, we don’t go berserk.
  75. Taboan Market is Danggit Central. Can you smell what the Taboan is cooking?
  76. Dried Mangoes
  77. Analog Cebu – Film photography enthusiasts unite!
  78. Abellana – perfect place to exercise.
  79. Cebu has Ballroom dancing champions shaking that booty.
  80. Giant mini Christmas Villages
  81. Cebuano loyalty to Cebu – You’re lying if you say you haven’t bragged about Cebu to out of towners.
  82. Colorfully coded Cebuano jeepneys
  83. Molave Milk Station in Barili
  84. Orange Brutus: Sizzling Burger Steak with egg, hotdog on stick, chocolate monster, and mango shakes.
  85. Eat all you can Crispy Pata in Royal Concourse.
  86. Cebuanos are value driven. We always want to get our money’s worth. We are not tihik!
  87. Karaoke in Mountain View – sing to your heart’s content.
  88. There must be a reason why Koreans love coming to Cebu – number 88 is that reason… whatever it is.
  89. Bisaya movies – You’ll know what we’re talking about if you caught the Cinema One Originals Cebu Filmfest.
  90. Plaza Indepencia – para mag eyeball.
  91. Sutukil – fresh seafood to die for!
  92. Driving up the Robinsons parking area in Fuente for the first time – childhood.
  93. Riding a tartanilla.
  94. Chicharon in Carcar.
  95. Bird watching in Olango.
  96. Queensland – you know na.
  97. The word “Bai!”
  98. Plenty of good job opportunities.
  99. We don’t experience as much natural calamities as the rest of the country.
  100. We are a university town with some of the best schools in the country.
  101. Cebuanos! We’re great people. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

Whew! That’s a hundred and one reasons. More than the promised hundred. If we missed a reason, place it in the comments. We dare ya!

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