If there were an organization that could best epitomize the quintessential Cebuana, Junior Chamber International’s Zugbuana Chapter (Zugs) would be it. Looking at their roster of members, you would think they were all beauty queens (actually, some indeed were). But not only are they gorgeous and statuesque, they also have good heads on their shoulders.

“We try to encourage all our members to excel in their particular fields and help each other become better, and learn from and support each other, while also reaching out to the community, business networks, and the rest of the national and international communities. Zugbuana also has a trademark of quality – our projects come from the heart so we make sure they are done well, and we devote practically every fiber of our being to see them through,” shares Mia Zamora, who is the Zugs’ Immediate Past President. She is also the HR Manager of one of the country’s top companies, and a columnist of Cebu Daily News.

So now the big question is: how does one become a Zug?

“We want members who have strong leadership potential, women who stand out for their contributions in their own fields, but also for their passion to serve the community and their drive to develop themselves and each other into better people,” Mia answered.

The requirements initially sounded like a tall order, but if your heart is in it, then they are simple enough. You would find your stint at the org fulfilling for sure. Take it from Mia, who discussed what her first project was like.

“I worked on Grant A Wish, which allowed me to spend time with orphans (and this cause is closest to my heart).  Being part of the organizing committee, not only did I find fulfillment but I also made lifelong friends,” she said.

What followed were equally meaningful initiatives.

“I was part of the Women for Women project, which was a crazy huge network of the best designers in Cebu, the top brands, the country’s most renowned fashion director and Cebu’s most esteemed women all united to make a stand for oppressed women– in 2005 it was for abused women, in 2007 it was for cancer victims, and in 2010 it was for sexually exploited girls. To be part of that was bigger than I could have ever imagined and really inspired me to keep doing more.  (I also enjoy) all the conferences we attend as JCI members- from Bacolod, Bohol, Tacloban, Puerto Princesa, Manila all the way to Singapore, Osaka– nothing beats a JCI party, and nothing can replace those memories and friendships,” Mia explained.

10 years from now, Mia envisions the Zugs to “retain its status as one of the best all-female organizations in the country, with a bigger membership base of beautiful and brilliant lady leaders, making a difference in the community and living out our mission of being agents of positive change.

If you are a Zugbuana, what you get is a lifelong sisterhood and a very strong bond with women who will inspire you to bloom and reach your best potential. We are proud to be Cebuana and we want to project the best of Cebu to the rest of the world,” she says with a smile.

Website: JCI-Zugbuana

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