Whenever we have a callout for writers, something special happens.

It starts small. Your first published post in Zerothreetwo, then after a few more posts, friends start taking notice. You’ll be asked about your writing and experience. You happily go away thinking at least one person read something. After a few more posts, one of them happens to tug onto the fabric of the world and goes viral. Then nothings happens. Then after another post and another and another, you finally consider yourself a full-fledged writer.

Writers write. Writers don’t talk about writing.

If you would like to write for Zerothreetwo, we’re looking for you.


  • Brainstorm topics, curation ideas, and execute.
  • Collaborate on an editorial calendar. As much as possible, we try to plan ahead when it comes to topics.
  • Results oriented – No time card. No one will be hovering over your shoulder while you work. But we expect to see the agreed upon output (articles released).
  • You will be writing about a wide range of topics. Possible broad topics include travel, music, design, etc. A sense of curiosity will help you immensely.


  • Write about topics that are interesting and fun. There will be no word stuffing or writing for robots. The goal is to connect to people. If done well, you will be able to do that.
  • Sometimes, we get invited to events and get free stuff. If you enjoy that, you may be invited to go in our behalf.
  • Compensation – Terms to be discussed.


  • Energy and care.
  • Must be able to stick to deadlines. Every piece of writing assigned to you will have deadlines. Repeat: Deadlines must be met.
  • Ideal but not required: Prior experience with a publication.
  • Ideal but not required: Basic photography.


  • As mentioned, no one will be looking over your shoulder while you work. There will be stretches when you will be left to your own devices. If you aren’t comfortable self-managing your time, this may not be the job for you. The expectation is to have results without supervision.
  • Topics will be broad. You will need to be comfortable with that idea.


We’d love to hear from you. Please click here to tell me about yourself.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below in the comments.

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