It was a cold dark night as I lay inside my sheets shivering uncontrollably. I had a high fever and a slight headache. It turned out to be dengue. That was a first time for me. I ended up drinking a LOT of apple juice, mangagaw (Is it some kind of root?), wheatgrass, lots of vitamin C and Gatorade. I discovered a few things while having Dengue.

First, there is a Dengue kit in Watsons with a thermometer, insect repellant lotion, insect repellent spray and insect repellent patch – lots of repellants. Second, you can get your blood works checked relatively cheap in hospitals – about P150, although the Dengue specific test is about P1500. Third, it is the kind of sickness that lulls you to a false sense of health – you are sick one day then the next day you aren’t then you are sick again. It seems that the mosquito came from a big tank of still water right outside my room.

So stay safe everyone. Keep away from those mosquitoes.

–         We got to talk to the Walkie Talkies.

–          Take a trip to Argao.

–          UP Cookout 2011 was a BLAST!

–          Try Café Maru for a different coffee experience.

–          What’s happening in the Cebu Twitterverse?

–          You can find amazing people everywhere. Check out Bubbles!

–          We helped out Cebu Doctors University’s Awit Sayaw.

–          Deep Gold is showing tomorrow!!

–          White Day Cebu: a fun get together for the Tumblr folk.

–          There’s plenty of contests sales and discounts all over the city.

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