Wow! Is anyone else surprised by the rain? As you know, our beloved city has been hit by sudden downpours and there have been numerous reports of flooding as well. Cebu has a lot of things worth bragging about, but the roads and drainage system are the exception (although it’s better than Manila… but still!). The state of our roads has deteriorated and the floods haven’t helped in that regard. Hopefully, the authorities start doing something about it.

That being said, one of the causes for our drainage system failing is when it gets clogged with garbage. I once saw a Barangay Tanod shoveling out the gunk from a drainage pipe. It was filled with plastic bags and wrappers carelessly tossed away by people. Don’t you hate it when people open their car windows and throw their trash out on the road? As with most problems, we cannot solely rely on the government and we’ve got to do our part as citizens of the Queen City of the South. So let’s be good citizens and throw the trash in the right place.

Anyway there are still a LOT to brag about Cebu! Here’s what you may have missed.

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–          Lots of familiar places in this video.

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