Welcome to the second edition of the Zerothreetwo recap!

This has been a crazy month so far for the team; correction – for one person in the team. He welcomed a new addition to his little family, baby Paige, got married and just moved to a new pad to start a great part of their lives together – we wish them the best! Talk about crazy hectic! He probably feels like he needs a vacation… actually… one of us is going on a vacation this weekend (hint: it isn’t the crazy busy guy haha!).

Despite the crazy, we still managed to get a few goodies for you guys – so check’em out below! Enjoy!

  • Catch up on a bit of Cebuano history in Museo Sugbo.
  • Booksale is your answer if you are looking for an “ukay-ukay” that caters to books.
  • A blissfully quiet coffee shop at Cofifi.
  • Want to meet a girl who can understand your love for the geeky? Have a talk with Geek Goddess Sian Maynard.
  • We’ve got a weakness for easy to eat food like burgers and Dong Juan serves some of the best in Cebu.
  • One of our favorite local bands, Bethany, launched their first full length album.
  • Lots of new stores opening = Krispy Kreme.
  • This guy makes you stare at him in disbelief as he rips open coconuts with his teeth – Buko King of Bohol.
  • John Dinopol’s solo project, Chasing Blanks.
  • Help save the world with Save the Doodles!

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