I found myself in the fringes of Manila’s A-list. Literally arm’s length away from local celebrities. To be honest, I was far and away from my comfort zone. I’m not familiar with celeb names and faces. But you can tell them apart from regular folks; skin a little whiter, generally much taller and they flock together with no ugly ducklings in sight.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First off, the Globe Tatt Awards 2012 Winners are:

The Advocate – PAWS
The Explorer – Bogart The Explorer
Visualizer – Everywhere We Shoot
Game Changer – Jinoe Gavan
Stylissimo – Cecile Van Straten
Video Slinger – Jamich
Tech Junkie – Jason De Villa
Indie Rocker – Gloc-9
Thought-Mover – Kimpoy Feliciano
The One – Bianca Gonzales

Unfortunately, the two Cebuanos, Estan Cabigas and SinugbangSugbo, didn’t bag any of the awards. Obviously we at ZeroThreeTwo have a Cebu bias. It sucks that they didn’t win, but still a congratulations is in order for being nominated and recognized. Hopefully more good fortune befalls them in the future.

As you may have read, ZeroThreeTwo visited Manila to bear witness Globe’s Tatt Awards 2012. This event was a celebration of the magic that is social media. This wonderful technology has paved the way for people who have something to say and contribute to the betterment of society. In other words, social media isn’t solely about sharing the mundane in life (that’s probably the worst use for it); it’s about making life better for everyone by providing value to other people. With great power comes great responsibility. Sorry just finished watching Spider Man. Moving on.

Although the lack of free internet was disappointing, Globe went all out on this one. Musical guests included Chicosci, Up Dharma Down, Rico Blanco and Arnel Pineda. Guests were given the royal treatment with gourmet food and wine. This was also the first time Globe invited social media practitioners from outside of Manila to take part in this grand event. Thank you for the opportunity Globe!

Our table had a great mix of people! The correspondent from Davao, the Walking Recessionista, was with us. Hype her lookbook! I also had the pleasure of talking quite a bit with the tech guys at TJsDaily and The Technoclast. Those guys know their stuff!

I finally got to meet in person our internet friend Niche. Based on our conversations, he wouldn’t be comfortable with me going into too much detail about him. So let me keep it short and vague. He’s one of those integral movers and shakers who are more comfortable behind the scenes. Many thanks to Niche! He’s the reason I got to meet some people I genuinely look up to, Francis Brew and Nina Sandejas.

Meeting those two was the highlight of my night. For those of you who don’t know. Francis Brew used to be a DJ in the now defunct, but well-loved and missed radio station called NU107. Oh and he also does this really well. Nina Sandejas, I discovered when I first joined Tumblr a few years ago. She’s an excellent music photographer given access to venues and events that rock enthusiasts can only dream of going. Her photos always allowed me an insider peek to the Manila music scene.

The rest of the night was a haze of red wine and flashing lights. And what happened is just how I wrote it. I literally found myself in the fringes of Manila’s A-list. Like in the movies where it’s just scene after scene after scene. You don’t know how exactly the character gets there, but the images provide a glimpse of the journey. It was just like that. Literally.

I’m sure I’m missing a few people on this post and for that I apologize. It’s beyond my capabilities to mention all of you. Well… there’s one last person I did meet that you guys might be interested in, but I don’t think SinugbangSugbo would want me to talk about that.

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