Alarm rings at 4:30am. Empty bed. Tissues around a picture frame on the side table. What’s in the photo? The frame is faced down. Flashes of her ex. A new breakup? She goes for a run. Runs by EVERY location a special moment happened with her gone relationship.

I can’t blame her. We’ve all been there. Sometimes it feels good to grieve, to feel horrible, to feel your heart literally break. Why else would we go through that kind of torture?

I’m not going to ruin the ending, but make sure to watch till the very end for the feels.

I still remember watching Bethany for the first time in Outpost. It might have been their first gig there. They surprised the heck out of us. They didn’t look green at all. The rhythm was tight, the songs were good, the arrangement was where it needed to be, and they put it all out on stage. Back in the day, that was their signature. Full on energy.

It’s hard to believe this song is around six years old. I’m glad they are still pushing hard on the pavement and keeping the music going. I’m hoping to see new songs from the guys.

Here’s the video.






Carlo Villarica

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