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It’s time for a quick vacation.

We just have a few announcements before we lay on our butts and laze around.

There will be no new posts on till after the break. For Holy Week, I’ll be heading to an undisclosed island location full of sand and salt water. Change of plans! No beach vacay this weekend. We’ll figure out fun stuff to do for the break. *Cues all those show series* I’ll try to do something that doesn’t involve getting shut in the whole weekend in the house. What will it be? The only way to find out will be to follow @032cebu on Instagram.

What about you? Where will you be going? We love hearing stories from you. Share your vacation story with us via our submission page. If it’s any good, we might just publish it on the main blog.

The Assembly in JY Square will have the following schedule:

April 2 – CLOSED

April 3 – CLOSED

Doors open on April 4 and the BUY 1 TAKE 1 SALE continues till April 10.

If you happen to be staying in the city for the break, time is going to stand still. I stayed in Cebu once for the Holy Week break; I was bored out of my mind, all the places were closed, my friends were all out on vacation and there was no work to be done. With all that said, you might want to browse some of the stuff on Zerothreetwo.

Here are a few to check out:

An Open Letter to the Writer of “How to Spot a ‘Fake’ Hands-on Mom” and Sunstar CDO

Plonky Talk Dearie,

I am typing this article with my meticulously manicured nails, wearing my 3-inch heels, blue business dress and fancy earrings, at a crowded airport waiting for my flight back home to Cebu where my cholokoy three-year-old son and nice smelling ever-supportive husband await.

‘Making It’ in art

I just watched the “Making It” Trailer. Hat tip to Jason for sharing the video with me. If you want to own the documentary, you can visit the Making It Pictures website.

The video got me thinking.

Making it in art is hard.

The Best Manny Pacquiao Interview Ever

With the upcoming fight this May 2 between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, there has been plenty of news about it. You shouldn’t miss watching this interview on ESPN First Take. It’s a 12 minute gift that keeps on giving.

Exotic Life: the Hobby of Keeping Marvelous Animals as Pets

There is a beauty to all creatures. It’s in the red of a macaw’s feather, the glint of a dog’s eye, the curve of a cat’s spine. But it’s also present in the asymmetry of a snake’s pattern, the pink of a gecko’s tongue, and the spring of a spider’s leg. The exotic pet enthusiast is one such person who can find beauty in what is conventionally described as frightful, and I must admit I am one of those people. I began this hobby with this sense of wonder.

What walking in crutches for 6 weeks taught me

It started like any other Saturday morning.


Sun was shining. Hardly a cloud in the air.

Slipped on my shoes. Hopped on the pickup. Headed towards the Cebu Wake Park in Liloan.

What you need to know about ‘Volunteer in Cebu’

There’s a powerful truth to this statement. In this generation when everything seems fleeting and materialism has taken a major domination on most everyone’s lives, it’s easy to forget and neglect the fact that we were born in this world with the innate responsibility to be of help to our fellowmen. We were made to lend a hand for those who suffer and feed those in hunger.

Email Exchange: Art in this city is frustrating

Believe it or not, we read every email sent to us via the contact form. We don’t reply to everything, but we read them. Occasionally, we’ll receive an email worth sharing to the rest of the world.

A few months back we got an email from someone who prefers to remain anonymous. He was asking about art and sharing ideas.


We hope you have a good vacation. Enjoy!


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