If everyone in the world decided to stop creating today, we could live a hundred years strapped to our computers and still not have seen everything in the Internet. Trillions of blog posts, YouTube videos, photos and mobile apps are out there. There’s never been a better time to be a consumer of content.

For creators, it’s an uphill battle.

Let’s take photography as an example. A photographer can spend hours setting up a shoot. There’s plenty that goes into it; booking the model, securing a location, getting the right equipment and finally taking the perfect shot.

After all that, they share it to the world and… crickets. It gets lost in the deluge of other photos that were posted that day. Every minute Flickr users add 3,125 new photos. In the five hours you spend taking the perfect shot, 937,500 photos were uploaded.

There’s so much stuff out there.

Fortunately, most of what’s out there is shit. Many of those photos are selfies taken inside a car during traffic. Similarly, there are plenty of websites that are shit. There are sites dedicated to just getting traffic and pageviews. Using clickbait and hoping for giant numbers to please advertisers. There’s nothing wrong with advertisers. It allows sites like ours to exist but the importance of giving value to the reader (you!) should never be understated.

The challenge for every creator is dealing with all the other aspects of creating. Not only do you have to create art, but you need to find a way to get other people to see it too. How do you get others to notice? How do you break through all the noise?

At the heart of Zerothreetwo, we love creators. Everything on the blog is geared towards sharing stuff from creators. Restauranteurs, graphic artists, musicians, photographers, writers, craft makers are all creators.


Why create?

Then why volunteer for a life of struggle? Make no mistake. Creation is a struggle. Staring at a blank canvass hoping to magically come up with art is hard. There are days when inspiration hits and filling up that white space goes by with a blink of an eye, but for the most part, creating is forcing yourself to develop a habit. A true artist creates when she doesn’t feel like it.

Then why bother? Why does the writer struggle with writing every day? Why does the restauranteur take the high risk of opening a restaurant? Why does the busy student bother with learning how to design and draw? Why do swamped professionals stay up late at night to make music? Many times our art goes unnoticed. The truth of the matter is most people don’t care.

Creators add color to the world.

Despite the grind, we need to keep going. If we stopped, then we would be slaves to the mindless homogeneity of society brought along by giant companies. You don’t have to be like everyone else. Your house doesn’t have to look exactly like the one beside yours. You don’t have to have the same pictures on your wall. You don’t need to listen to the same top 40’s music. You don’t have to wear the same clothes as everyone else.

Art and Creation

Creation is art. In high school, you probably had an art class where you painted on a canvass or drew on paper. Don’t’ be constrained by what we traditionally think of art. Art can be whatever you want it to be. Art can be gardening, starting a business or even grooming a dog, as long as it’s approached with dedication and creativity.


Creators make the world a better place.

Without art and creation, this world would be a sucky place to live. This is obvious. So let’s use an obvious example. Let’s talk Steve Jobs. No Steve Jobs equals no iPhone equals no computer that fits in the palm of your hand. I’m guessing most everyone reading this has a smart phone. It’s pretty awesome to have right?

Do it for you.

Most importantly, create because it makes you feel good. If you have an uncontrollable need to create, then do it. Don’t do it to make money. Don’t do it for praise. Do it even if no one is watching. Do it for yourself. Only then will your true self really show. You can’t fake art. People don’t respond to fake. It’s much easier to do something you are passionate about as opposed to forcing yourself to grind. You’ll have the energy to go longer than someone who isn’t into it. Best of all, you’ll be happier for it. There will be no would have’s and could have’s. Only then will the rewards will follow.


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