“Loud OR subtle.” Two extreme words yet this is how Mary Ty describes her style. Mary Ty is no stranger to the fashion industry in Cebu. Having dressed a lot of Cebu’s pretty faces and famous celebrities like Angelica Panganiban, Cherry Pie Picache, Angel Aquino, Maxine Magalona, and Rhian Ramos, Mary is definitely one of Cebu’s go-to designers. I guess it has always come natural to her.

Having always been a fan of art, she would doodle dresses for classmates when she was bored during class in high school. As per Mary, she even told her friends to keep her drawings just in case she would become famous in the future. When she entered college, she took up Fine Arts major in Advertising at the University of San Carlos. She also took up a Fashion Marketing course in a fashion design school in Manila to learn the business side of the fashion industry. “I was two semesters shy of graduating. I couldn’t wait to open up my shop and I missed home so much. So after a Tanduay session with friends, I got  a pair of shoes, my bag, and just left for the airport at four in the morning for Cebu. That’s when it all started,” says Mary.

I was able to catch the newly engaged designer and ask her a few questions amidst her busy schedule (She‘s designing her own wedding gown, principal & secondary sponsors‘ gowns, and the whole entourage‘s outfits!) So here it goes. Let’s get to know the woman behind Very Mary:

S: Name your top five designers and how do they inspire your designs?

M: Alexander McQueen & John Galliano. It has always been them lang. *Laughs* I get so inspired by the late McQueen and Galliano because they’re always loud and never scared. Their designs always stand out in a good way.

S: Where else do you get inspiration from?

M: I get my inspiration from anything unrelated to fashion. Everything I see, hear, and smell, I take inspiration from them. I don’t read fashion magazines, browse through the best and worst dressed lists, nor trends, because cliché as it may sound, I am serious about being different.

S: If you weren’t a fashion designer, what would you be doing?

M: ARTISTA! Bitaw, I would probably be a chef or I’d always thought of being a vocalist. Not that I’m a good singer. *Laughs*

To those who don’t know yet, Mary Ty actually had a stint at Vudu’s very famous Vuduoke contest. As spontaneous as she is, another drinking session with friends resulted with Mary signing a piece of paper. That piece of paper ended up as her entry to Vuduoke! In the end, Mary did become a vocalist. Well sort, of.  She ended up as one of Vuduoke’s finalists.

Bubbly. Sexy. Spontaneous. That’s Very Mary.

Very Mary is temporaily closed until Mary Ty gets married in February. Although, you can reach her via email at verymaryty@yahoo.com.ph or you may call her at (032) 268-3708.

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