How old are you guys?

That was my first question when I got to sit down and talk with Albert and Steven of Spelldial.
They haven’t graduated college yet. One of them was even sitting down in front of his laptop, finishing up his homework. I shouldn’t have been surprised. You read a lot about Internet start-ups in the US riddled with fresh college grads. Obviously, the fact that they were a homegrown Cebuano Internet start-up caught our attention. Then after using their app, we realized that they have a lot of potential and big things could happen.

For those who don’t know, Spelldial is basically an online global phonebook easily accessible via your phone. All you need to know is the Spelldial name of your contact, input it in the app and voila! You have their number and can call them. This is especially useful for companies who want to be easily contacted by their customers. Want to order KFC or McDo? Just use Spelldial.

This app is designed to fix a problem we never realized we had, the numbers problem. Numbers aren’t meant to be memorized. Imagine if you lost your phone and you needed to call a specific friend, would you be able to call that number? Phone numbers are difficult to remember and very easy to forget. When you look at a person, you remember their name not their number. Albert realized this – it shows that good things can happen when you lose your phone. He asked the question, “Why are we using numbers instead of names to call people? It’s stupid!” He has a point. When we see a friend, we don’t refer to them by their number, but rather by their name. Just like the ad says, “Numbers are for counting, not for calling.”

Two years from now, they can’t imagine a world where we continue to dial numbers. Eventually, they hope that companies will catch on and start using Spelldial names rather than phone numbers. Its not that difficult to imagine. Instead of a billboard that says Call 0918-etc… it would just show the Spelldial icon next to KFC. Instead of a radio station dictating their phone number all they would have to do is recite their Spelldial name.

The Spelldial team simply wants to make the world an easier place to live in. We all know how difficult that can be. They’ve got their work cut out for them. So do yourselves a favor log on to their site now and register your name. Mine is Carlo. Whats your Spelldial name?

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