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“Umbra” is the B&W Photography Pop-up Exhibition of Banawe Corvera and Jan Sunday.

It opens to the public in 856 G Gallery on August 12, 2016, Friday.

It is a collection that celebrates women through the contrast of lights and shade, as created by the contours of the female landscape.


umbra banawe corvera

Banawe’s style delves into low-key monochromatic photos that paint daydreams through abstractions. Her work brings out the subtle bearings of feminity and grace within landscapes and portraits.


umbra jan sunday

Jan’s work resonates a stark cry for womanhood to be viewed and celebrated not just in the light but in the darker, grittier moments as well. It bares both existentialist and feminist thought.


umbra b&w photography pop-up exhibit cebu philippines


umbra banawe corvera and jan sunday profiles


umbra details






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