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You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
– Jim Rohn

Ever since I heard that phrase (I think I first heard it in a Tim Ferriss podcast), I’ve thought a lot about the people in my life.

If you spend time with people who make you happy, people you respect, and people you can learn from, then you are likely to get their traits. The inverse is true as well. Spend time with crappy people, expect to have a crappy life. Humans are sponges of emotion and information, even if we can’t sense it happening

But I was reminded that sometimes you don’t need to physically spend time with people to average up or down. On the good side, you can easily spend time with some of your heroes. Want to spend time with Warren Buffett? Tim Ferriss? Gary Vaynerchuk? Elon Musk? Read their books, listen to their podcasts, follow them on social media, there’s so much you can do to learn from your heroes.

On the flip side, there are people who can bring you down even if they aren’t physically there all the time. The remote boss who demands too much without subsequent praise, the overseas family member who puts you down in every possible instance, the teacher you see once a week who doesn’t encourage you and only sees your faults, the seasonal coworker who doesn’t contribute to projects and unfairly criticizes. These may not be people who we spend a lot of time with, but their presence is equally damaging.

There are situations or relationships that aren’t worth keeping. Fortunately for most, it’s simply a decision of cutting yourself off from these people.

It’s not easy, but most people have that choice. Again I want to reiterate, it’s not easy, but it is a simple choice. In the long run, it’s probably the better choice.

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Zerothreetwo Conversations


The Sweldo of a Working Musician in Manila with Russell Manaloto of Faspitch and Urbandub

This is part two of my interview with Russell John S. Manaloto. If you haven’t listened to part one, you can listen to it here, “This Song Saved My Life” with Russell Manaloto of Faspitch and Urbandub.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like as a professional musician. More than the music, that choice is really about embracing a way of life. I’m so grateful Russell was willing to share what it was like to move to Manila and live life as a working musician.

In this episode, he talks about his gear, reflects on the state of the music industry, talks about his time gigging in Manila, and breathing through your nose.

Enjoy the episode!






wannabe influencer marketing

Recently the owner of a small hotel in the Philippines called White Banana grew frustrated by the constant stream of requests he received from “wannabe influencers” (his term), each one trying to score a free vacation in return for Instagram posts.

He posted the following announcement:

“We are receiving many messages regarding collaborations with influencers, Instagram influencers. We kindly would like to announce that White Banana is not interested to “collaborate” with self-proclaimed “influencers.” And we would like to to suggest to try another way to eat, drink, or sleep for free. Or try to actually work.”

In some of my podcasts, I’ve been critical about about Influencer Marketing. It seems that marketers are only looking at superficial statistics like followers and engagement. Even if it is clear that those statistics are easy to fake. Whenever I think of someone to interview on the podcast, my first thought is never how many followers they have, the criteria is much more difficult.

What does she do? What is she good at? What skill does she have? What has she created? Not how many people like a photo. A “like” on a photo does not equal inspiring change. Isn’t that what a true influencer can do? Inspire change?


What It’s Like to Grow Up With More Money Than You’ll Ever Spend

I remember this wonderful Korean lady came over for a meeting at my house, and the next day she called me and she said, “You didn’t offer me a glass of water.” And that never crossed my mind, but I have to be conscious of the fact that people who come into my home are coming into a place that feels daunting and intimidating, and I need to go to the extra mile to make them feel welcome. And I didn’t know about that until someone just came out and said it to me. Just like I watched my father increasingly surround himself with yes men, I started to deliberately surround myself with no ladies. And so they would, a lot of the time, really jerk my chain, and that was important.

It’s not often you read about the perspective of the uber rich, especially one didn’t have to work for their money. This article about Abigail Disney, a heiress of the Disney family fortune (Yes, The Walt Disney Company), is a rare look at a rare human specie.

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