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The job of a musician is one not usually talked about given that this is a career path only the brave and the passionate follow. Here at Zerothreetwo, we are all about breaking boundaries and peeling off layers to know more about the people that make this city thrive. It’s time to erase any stereotypes of what we think musicians actually do, and start understanding this job from a different perspective.

Today, we get to talk to one of Cebu’s local artists, Vincent Eco about his job. Suffice to say, I think it’s time we shed the spotlight on local music and continue #supportinglocal!


vincent eco 2Tell us bit about yourself and your work.

I’m Vincent Eco and I’m a part time singer songwriter, I occasionally sing my songs in events/gigs from Lapu-Lapu City.

What inspired you to pursue this career?

I was inspired by my father who is also a musician. Also other artists I’ve been listening and watching on music videos is what’s inspired me to pursue music.

What are the common misconceptions about your line of work?

People think that I’m just another cover band and I do requests.


Describe your typical work day.

Typical work day as musician is you wake up, either write a song or listen to some music or work on your song set list if you have a gig, then practice, practice, practice.


vincent eco 5

What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?

When people sing your songs (rarely, though it’s a golden moment) or when somebody approaches me after a gig and tells me how much they love and relate to my songs.


On the flipside, what would you say is the hardest part of your job?

When there’s nobody but chairs and tables as your audience, or when there’s a lot of people but no one is really paying attention, you’re just a piece of furniture, background music.


Any message to those who want to pursue the same career? What does it take to be successful or happy in your field?

Work on your art, put your stories out. If it helps someone, if it makes someone feel something, that for me is what makes it fulfilling. Although I have other passions, music is important to me, I don’t know if I’d make it without it.


Get to know more about Vincent’s work here:

And also please like 22 Tango Records


Watch the official music video of “I Know You Do” by Vincent Eco


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