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Women love makeup. It makes them pretty and this beauty inspires confidence. There’s just something about the right makeup that brings out the best in people— inside and out.

What does it take to inspire people through makeup? What does it take to be a professional make-up artist? Jhoane Florentino gives us a front-row seat in the world of beauty, art and believing in yourself.


Hi! Tell us bit about yourself and your work. 

I’m Jhoiee (pronounced as ‘jo-wee’)! I’m a licensed nurse with an exhilarating passion for makeup and art. I’m a Freelance Makeup Artist in Cebu and I simply love what I do. I’m also a mom and a financial advisor at the same time. 


What Is It Really Like To Be A Make-Up Artist? - Zerothreetwo - Krisha Rule

What are the common misconceptions about your line of work? 

Most people don’t really appreciate and respect our line of work. For some reason, they think that makeup artistry is just makeup and kaartehan, when really it’s so much more than that. This impression kind of stings but at the same time, it keeps us going.

Makeup artists who take pride in their work consider it as a legacy. To exude confidence and radiate it is not an easy task. It’s a common misconception that makeup should change the way you look, when the goal is to simply highlight your best features. World famous makeup artist, Bobbi Brown believes that “Every woman is beautiful, but can be powerful with the right makeup.”


Describe your typical work day.  

My typical workday is loaded with obsessive compulsiveness. I always (and I mean always) clean my brushes in between client appointments. As a Nurse, I’m extremely meticulous when it comes to hygiene and sanitation. I usually finish cleaning my brushes late after midnight, then I double check everything the next morning and pack up.

I usually have 3 bags and my ring light, sometimes with my makeup trolley. (I need the strength of two men for this, I know! Lol) When I get to the location, I set up. Then the fun part begins… makeup time! I’m in my element and I enjoy every moment of it. I hate the cleaning & packing up part. Haha!


What’s the most enjoyable part of your job? 

That fine line between work and pleasure. I love experimenting with looks and simply making women glow from within. The adrenaline everytime I do makeup is electrifying and hearing my clients’ happy feedback is the most fulfilling part of my job. Besides that, I also get to meet exceptional people from different walks of life. 


What Is It Really Like To Be A Make-Up Artist? - Zerothreetwo - Krisha Rule


On the flipside, what’s the hardest part of your job? What makes it fulfilling? Will you trade it for something else? 

Hmm. I think the hardest part of my job, is receiving negative comments. Or when I feel like I haven’t perfected a look, or something like that– OC problems. Happy, glowing clients are the most fulfilling part of my job. When they thank me for a look well-done, my heart always jumps with bliss! 

And no, I wouldn’t trade what I love doing for any job in the world. I may become a nurse someday but being a Makeup Artist is a part of me I could never let go. Ever. 

Any message to those who want to pursue the same career? What does it take to be successful or happy in your field?                                                         

It’s never an easy road and you have to get through the worst to get to the best. I almost gave up on one of my life’s passions- Makeup and Art, yet I’ve found myself bouncing back every time I doubt my journey. My advice? Be thankful to those significant people who lift you higher, cheer you on and believe in you. They are your people. Keep them and make them proud.                                               

Most importantly, believe in yourself. Push harder when you have to. Strive for excellence and perfection as much as you can and always, always do your best. When you’re doing something you love for a living, it never feels like work. Just trust the process, trust your journey. Your time to shine will come.


What Is It Really Like To Be A Make-Up Artist? - Zerothreetwo - Krisha Rule



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