What is Home for You?

Long-time readers know that home is an important topic for us in Zerothreetwo. We’ve come short of waxing poetic about why we love this town.

One of the best reminders of where we came from was what we used to indulge on when we were kids. Based on the photo above, you might already know what we’re talking about.


Good old greasy sugary food.

I remember when I used to buy Flat Tops and Judge from the vendors outside of my school. Those were good days.

What kind of food did you indulge on when you were kids?

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce the latest Zerothreetwo collection. We partnered with a very talented artist, Doyle See. He is responsible of some of the very first Zerothreetwo designs.

We’re calling this collection, Home Sweet Home. You can pre-order them at the Assembly Online.

Below are the shirt renders and Doyle’s thoughts on each of the designs below:

Home Sweet Home Collection

You can pre-order from this collection at a discounted price.

Pre-order period ends on November 25, 2015. Then reverts to regular price.

Pre-order now at the Assembly Online.


Home Sweet Home

Home =  Zerothreetwo

Sweet = local candies

Most of the candies were ones from our childhood. If you look closely, you’ll notice Nips, Goya, Curly Tops and Barnuts. I forgot the brand of the gold coins and red gum balls, but those are probably the generic ones we used to enjoy back then.

Fast Life

I used the name Fast Life to interpret our current culture with people doing a lot of stuff and multi-tasking. Mixed this with people’s love for food. If I’m not mistaken, the burger and fries are probably from Jollibee and the onion rings are from Burger King.

Snacks and Scrabbles

This design I dubbed as Snacks and Scrabbles. So I got some old school snacks like Safari, Snaku and Sweet Corn, placed it all on a Scrabble board with the letters on the game forming the words, Zero, Three and Two. I love board games. I’d like to think our generation loved staying at home playing board games too.

Street Spot

The puso represents zero, barbecues three and isaws two. It’s not so obvious but I think that makes it more intriguing. When someone gets it, it’s like an “oh!” moment. The food is from the barbecue vendor along Labangon. Nothing beats authentic street food.


Order the Home Sweet Home Collection at the Assembly Online, click here.


Doyle See

Doyle See


See more work from Doyle.

Here’s his website.

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