What do you wish to see more of? What should we feature? Or who would you want to know more about?

Tell us! We listen!

When we started this site, we worried about running out of Cebu related topics. We asked ourselves all sorts of questions.

Is Cebu interesting enough? Will we be able to fill the site with new interesting content?

We even wrote down a list with potential topics. People to interview. Places to eat. Road trips. We frickin’ climbed a mountain!

And this was before we started the website.

We soon realized, Cebu has so much.

We’re a little bit past our first year of our online life and we’ve got about 200 posts in the coffers.

The past 4 months alone have been a blur of Cebucentric events.

Let’s call October to January, Waytoomuchpartying.

Waytoomuchpartying starts with Halloween. Then a little lull for November before starting up again with the Christmas parties. Party after party after party. Then January hits. And it hits hard. Sinulog.

All that was too much for us and we were playing catch up.

So no.We aren’t asking for topics because we ran out. Living in Cebu is a daily adventure with new stuff happening everyday.

We’re asking coz we want to know more about you and what you want to know about (that was a weird sentence).

What do  you want to see from ZeroThreeTwo?

Let us know.

– Ever been to a beauty pageant inside a prison?

– Alternative Japanese food at Sumo Sam.

Sinulog 2012 photo contest winners

– A commentary on the state of the Philippines Music Industry: 10 Years on Replay.

Contemporary Cebu just finished their exhibit, but you can still catch the MV Logos Hope.

– MUSIC! Cattski Documentary, Bethany music videoIan Zafra’s song, and opening of Guitar World.

– Crazy Cebu Tweeples.


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