We won’t be gone forever.

It’s just our obligatory Holy Week break. So just like last time, we’re going to be taking a little vacay from the daily grind and get lost to a land far far away.

In the meantime, if you are bored coz you happen to be staying home this vacation weekend, you can browse our posts. We’ll even point you towards some of our more recent popular posts.

P106059030 Random Beautiful Photographs From Filipinos

We know why this post exploded with traffic and even got featured on StumbleUpon. Our readers (that’s YOU!) know good photography when they see it. If you haven’t seen this post, be prepared for a whole bunch of really cool photos.

A Rant About Skateboarding In Cebu

This little post struck a chord among the skate community. If you ask me, they are some of the most under appreciated and misrepresented group in the country. Obviously, this post was dedicated to them.

How To Avoid The Crowd In Boracay And A Bajillion Other Tips

As you can tell, we’re fans of a good vacation. We’ve visited this island enough times to warrant a decent guide about it. If you haven’t visited and want an awesome Boracay experience, this will be a good read for you.

Paris In Cebu: La Creperie Paris

I’m going to be honest. I haven’t visited their creperie since the opening. But as soon as lent ends, we’re going to be back to our sweet devouring selves. Watch out crepes! We’ve got a space reserved in our stomachs just for you.

Kymberly Maitland-Smith: The Woman Behind Vanilla Addiction

We can’t put out a list of posts without a good interview. Everyone. We would like you to meet this lovely lady, Kymberly Maitland-Smith. She believes aliens exist. Yes. She truly does. Quirky awesome people are awesome.

Here’s How To Get Free Stuff

A company got in touch with us about their love and passion towards customer experience. As customers, we deserve the best treatment from brands. This company, SatisFIND, allows us to take part in helping companies do what they do best… serving the customer.

If you want more, browse our online store. It’s called the Assembly – Everything You Need for a ZeroThreeTwo Lifestyle. Every purchase from the store helps local entrepreneurs and allows ZeroThreeTwo to continue doing what we do. Look around. Hopefully, you find something you like. If there’s something you wish to see on the store, feel free to send us an email.

Heck. Just send us an email to say hi. We love hearing from you.


We hope your vacation will be as awesome as ours.

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