Want to be part of the ZeroThreeTwo family? Want to help Cebu become a better place? Want to do something FUN?

ZeroThreeTwo is looking for On the Job Trainees (OJT).

We need writers.

Can’t write? But you wanna help us out? Share this post with your friends!

Can write? But you need some cajoling? We have perks!

What are the perks, you say? 

  • Credit for OJT.
  • Your articles in http://zerothreetwo.com/
  • Your website/blog/facebook/twitter/whatever linked from our site.
  • People give us free stuff all the time! We’ll let you in on some of the loot.
  • People invite us to events and press cons too! Get a chance to check out the coolest happenings in town.

What will you have to do?

  • Well… write articles.
  • Go to meetings (once a week).
  • Work as a group to achieve something awesome!
  • Continue being your truly quirky great selves!

All you have to do is send the following to our email:

  • Sample Articles (failure to do this means your email will be ignored)
  • Contact details (phone number)
  • If still in school, what school are you from?

Remember email to info@zerothreetwo.comWe will only be accepting 4 interns.


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