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Visual prides itself as being the biggest graphic design conference in the South, made by designers for designers. It’s only been operating for two years but it has already provided great impact towards Cebu’s graphic design community. With 7 speakers this year, each specializing in different fields of design, the event brought around 300 people– students and professionals.

I was expecting the place to be full of people but it didn’t turn out that way when we got inside. Nevertheless, it was a big success from my point of view. The speakers did not disappoint us at all and they were able to generate positive reactions from the audience.

For those who were not able to join this historic event, here are brief profiles of the speakers:

POW! Designs is a design studio with 11-years of experience in Cebu.

Happy Garaje, one of my favorite speakers of the day, is an internationally-recognized husband-and-wife duo. Mark and Johanna Deutsch decided to quit their jobs and manage their own design studio. I am a big fan of anything surreal, and their works revolve around that description.

Chad Manzo is famous for his shirt and apparel designs. He has recently started his own clothing line called Scars.

Val Villar has loads of experience with web design and front-end developing. Among his projects are Mangored’s website,,, and a lot more.

Isabel Gatuslao, the only female speaker that day, has proven that skill and talent knows no gender. Isabel is famous for her brilliant and distinct branding/identity designs and you could immediately see that through her array of works.

!nodoro is a one-man design studio whose works are mostly experimental. He has designed for brands such as USA Sports, Fish 18, and more.

Ruel Antipuesto was one of the most energetic speakers of the day. He had us laughing out loud in our seats. This documentarist/storyteller shared brief insights about working on a set and dealing with obstacles. Some of his famous works are Confessional, Sabongero, and Sawang Calero.

Paying only 350 pesos for entrance was well worth it. The event was a huge success thanks to Joseph Mayol and his team. I am looking forward to next year’s set of speakers!

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