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zerothreetwo x 22 tango records

I’m not trying to push myself to make you stay
I’m not trying to fool myself again
I’m not trying to fake a tear so that you won’t walk away
I’m not trying to do these things for you
But you know that I’m lying coz I can’t let you go
You know that I’m trying to save this
You know that I’m dying I’m dying now
You know that I need you now

So goood!

I can’t help but lay still when I listen to Vincent Eco’s music.

We’ve featured his music before and if you haven’t heard of him, this might be a good place to start.

It’s more than an honor to represent his soulful music through the Zerothreetwo x 22 Tango Records collaboration. Having the chance to share the incredible talent of our local musicians to our readers is in itself the biggest reward.

Make sure to catch Vincent Eco in A Space on March 17 2017.

I Know You Do T-Shirt

White shirt
Zerothreetwo x 22 Tango Records
Proudly made in Cebu, Philippines

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Order at The Assembly Online.


Monica Villarica

Monica Villarica


Scott Pacaldo

Scott Pacaldo


Donald Villamero

Donald Villamero

Magic Maker

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