Vampires are known to be dreadful scary blood-sucking creatures, but that’s an ancient perspective! Nowadays, it’s difficult not to get sucked into the vampire craze! From bestselling novels to blockbuster movies to top-rated television shows; people can’t enough of them. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Bella and Edward’s everlasting love or never came across my personal favorite, Damon Salvatore. My vampire addiction has gone to extremes that I would readily agree to be bitten by a vampire if and only if he is as hot and good looking as Damon (I’m sure most girls would agree!). My point is vampires now symbolize beauty, eternal beauty to be exact. At least this is how John Kenneth Villaceran (aka Kenneth Kendy) sees it.  Kenneth is the person behind VAMP – a fast-growing modelling agency in the ZeroThreeTwo that just celebrated its second year anniversary. We got to talk to Kenneth over a little barbecue.

032: Where did you get the idea of VAMP? (Though the answer was obvious to me, I just had to hear it straight from him.)

Kenneth: I first started VAMP through Facebook. Yes, just Facebook! At the time, Twilight was really big! I was thinking of good names until vampire popped into my head. It was a perfect fit to what I really wanted. The idea of eternal beauty.  It became clear to me that VAMP was a good name to start with. I believe that we have a lot of beautiful people here in Cebu so I was really positive about it.

032: How has your VAMP journey been?

Kenneth: Challenging! There were a lot of times that I felt discouraged because I started on my own (With the help of Facebook). I gave up my job. So in the beginning when we were not getting enough offers, I felt down. Of course, it was topped by criticisms here and there, but still the show must go on right?

032: What happened to your show then? How many models do you have now?

Kenneth: They say if you’re patient enough then you will get your break. It is true with me! I now have 50 models which are mostly referred to by people I know.

032: How did you first start getting jobs? Do you recall your first major break?

Kenneth: The blood of the business is referrals.  We started getting jobs through referrals and that is still our main source until now. I can’t point out a single major break because I really see all offers as great opportunities.

032: How’s your relationship with your models? Are you the strict stage parent type or are you more laid back and cool?

Kenneth: (Laughs) I am both actually! Work is work and fun is fun! There’s one thing I always tell my models and that is to set their priorities right.

032: What do you do to keep your models in line? Do you reprimand them for lateness or other transgressions?

Kenneth: I trust my models to be professional at work because we are good friends after all. But we can’t avoid problems like being late so I reprimand and remind them of their priorities (just enough to get into their head! lol).

032: I heard you have a set list of those priorities. What are they?

Kenneth: This is my personal list of priorities and this is what I also instil to my models.

1)      God

2)      Family and friends

3)      Studies and work

4)      VAMP

5)      Romantic relationships

032: Do romantic relationships really have to be the least priority? (Laughs)

Kenneth: Samuk! It happens all the time. Models can’t focus because of too many relationship issues.

032: I do get your point but that would still vary. If you’re having a healthy relationship then that should bring out the best in the person. What do you think?

Kenneth: True! Well, it does vary for every person just as long as they keep their balance then that’s fine. I have relationship problems too you know! (Laughs)

032: How is everything going for you right now as far as offers are concerned?

Kenneth: It’s been great! We get an average of three shows every week (for varying companies like Samsung, Globe, 7/11 the list go on).

032: What is your secret for getting offers knowing that there’s a lot of competition out there?

Kenneth: I don’t have a secret. I pray. I go to Carmelites regularly and that has helped me so much with all my endeavors.

032: What’s VAMP’s greatest accomplishment?

Kenneth: Every event we do is an accomplishment for me. But the highlight was when one of my models, Lourenz Grace Remetillo, represented the country in the Ms. Supranational Pageant held in Poland. That was really something I’m also proud of.

032: What are your future plans for yourself and for VAMP?

Kenneth: I really want to make a name for VAMP here in Cebu. I have a long way to go since there are a lot of incredible talents and competition is stiff, but I love what I do so that’s what really matters. I see myself doing this for quite some time. As for my models, we have a motto, “Once a Vamp, you will always be a Vamp.”

032: What are the requirements to be a VAMP model? Are you specific with height?

Kenneth: I’m not very specific when it comes to height because we are more on events so I focuse on beauty and appeal.

032: If people wanted to join VAMP, how should they do so?

Kenneth: They can submit their personal info, pictures or portfolio (if they have one) to my email address (they can check the VAMP’s FB page to know more details) and then we schedule an interview.

Lighting Round!

Favorite model: Sam Pinto.

Why Sam? She is FHM’s sexiest woman! J

One of the VAMP models, Maria Kristina Llanos is doing an Indie film with Sam Pinto.

Here’s a little something from Sam to VAMP.

Favorite Twilight character:  Jacob.

Why Jacob? Love your enemies! You know…Vampires and Werewolves. (Laughs)

Would you agree to be a VAMPire? Yes? Maybe? Who knows?

Who knows?? It seems like VAMPires always have a little mystery!

Kenneth is an admirable young individual. I was personally impressed with his humble beginnings and I hope you are too!  If you want to know more about Kenneth and VAMP, check out the VAMP Facebook page.

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