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Valentine’s Day is coming up.

Everyone needs all the help they can get; guys, girls and singles. Below are a few of the Valentine’s Day blog posts that we’ve written in the past. We’ve got something for everyone, but first a few words of advice.

For the guys – Don’t be the guy who had no plans for Valentines. Don’t visit a random restaurant without any reservations.  Don’t buy flowers on the way to the date. Restaurants tend to be full, reservations a few days before is expected. If you can have the flowers delivered, do it. Or buy the flowers hours before you need it. The flower shops will be packed. It may take a while. In short, plan.

For the girls – Be gentle and lower your expectations. This day tends to get hyped up way too much. As long as your dude is showing effort, then appreciate that. Anything more is just sprinkles over a cupcake. If you think your guy needs help, just forward this blog post to them.

For the singles – I’ve been there. I can admit to dreading Valentines. Back in my single days, I wondered what I would be doing. I didn’t want to be stuck at home watching TV. Fortunately at the time, I had a wonderful group of single friends. We decided to grab a few drinks and just be there for each other. If you happen to be without dates on Valentine’s Day, know that we thought of you too.

Valentine’s Day carries with it a lot of pressure. Society has deemed this day to be a memorable night. Personally, I’ve never been good with big gestures and flashy gifts. Fortunately, most women will agree that they don’t need all that. The basics are totally fine. Flowers, a nice dinner and presence are usually enough for a wonderful evening.

Below are some of the blog posts we’ve published over the years. Some restaurants may not exist anymore, some flower shops are gone, but many of the items suggested are still around. So give the links a quick read.

Enjoy and good luck on Valentine’s Day!

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