We all deserve a break, right? The next week or so is going to be light on updates. The ZeroThreeTwo team will be taking a quick vacay over the holidays. You should too!

But when we get back, expect more awesomeness! We’re getting a bunch of OJT applicants and they can help us serve you guys better. Oh, and if you are interested in an OJT, click here.

…and the break starts NOW!

P.S. In case you missed out on what happened recently, here’s a quick recap.

– Wait! Before you do anything, join our Halloween contest and win Krispy Kreme! Click here.

– What’s a turn on? Women who can draw awesomeness! Check Kathryn Layno’s work.

– Miss Universe 3rd Runner up, Shamcey Supsup, visits Cebu.

– So many good bands in Cebu! Check out our feature of Tiger Pussy, the new video of Neverending Weekend, and the contest of Rescue a Hero.

Zugbuana: The fine ladies are an inspiration to every Cebuano/a.

– It’s time for our skaters to shine at the Asia Crown Summit.

– We’re happy to be a part of this Islands Souvenirs contest. Join now!

-“ Friends find it sweet that I hold hands with my gf at the mall. What they don’t know is that if I let go mag-shopping ang babaye og maayo.”  Find out who tweeted this awesome tweet at Cebu Tweeples!

Cebu City Officials get $400 a month gym memberships?

Krispy Kreme craziness.

– You can skate anywhere and skim in Argao. Kidding, you can skim anywhere too. But the videos are awesome.

*How many times did I use the word awesome? Too much?

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