Cebu is a haven for designers, architects and other creative minds. Unfortunately, there are still a lot who are unaware of these hometown gems. The good news is that a group of five young, talented and innovative individuals have come up with an idea on how to unearth these gems.  What better way than television?

URBANFOLIO is the new show on Amazing Cebu (Channel 54 for Sky Cable subscribers). ZeroThreeTwo was invited to the press con held last July 26 at the 93rd and 1st bar to introduce the show and a chance to meet and greet its cast and crew. I also had a quick chat with the show’s VP Marketing /Co-Director, Don Edrian Tirol who gave us more insights.

Can you give us a brief overview of what Urbanfolio is all about? The show revolves around everything unique and interesting about design and furniture. We want to show the different flavors of design that are currently in Cebu as well as to serve as a medium for local talents to put their work out.

Who originally came up with the idea? How was it put in to action? Michael and I were having a talk about design when we realized there’s actually something missing. From there, I invited our friends to join us and without any hesitation on how difficult it might be, we decided to do a full TV production and it was followed by a series of meetings and shoots.

Can you describe each member of the group briefly? We all do our own thing outside the show.  Isabel (president) is very strong-willed and a true born leader. Irena (host) is a smart girl who also has a corky sense of humor while Holly, being the Art Director is truly one awesome artist.  Michael (Manufacturing Manager) is the “ladies man” but he also has a strong background with furniture and I like to believe that I am the funny guy.  =)

What it is like working with your friends then? It’s pretty good! We all agreed that it should be “friends first” then partnership. We see to it that we respect each other’s differences so we can keep the good bond that we have. We are all good friends and it should always be that way.

What is the show’s long-term goal? We believe that Cebuanos are very talented people. There are a lot of brilliant designers and other artists here who are not given enough opportunities to show what they can do. With that, we aim to be Cebu’s ultimate “design hub.”

We all know how difficult TV productions are. Are you confident with the quality of your show?  We have been shooting for the past four months. It has been a challenging but fun-learning experience for all of us. Difficult is not an excuse to come up with a good and quality show. We take pride in what we do and in what we have done. “We showcase world class talent in a world class way! “

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