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When I first graduated college, I decided to spend time in Madrid, Spain. While there, I took a job teaching English in a small rural town in the North of the city. Four times a week, I would take a two hour bus ride to my teaching classes. Those were long and lonely commutes. Sometimes I would bring a magazine to keep me occupied, but more often than not, I would be listening to the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Damien Rice, Alice in Chains and Urbandub. The giant sound of the south kept me company for many of those hours.

A few days ago, Urbandub sent out an announcement. They were officially ending their 15 year time together with all the current members. There’s a glimmer of hope to the sad news. It doesn’t necessarily say that they will stop playing.

urbandub farewell letter

“It will be the LAST time all four members, Lalay, JanJan, John and Gabby will share the stage as Urbandub”

The door is open for Urbandub to continue performing. It just won’t be with these four. Urbandub may live on, but likely not as how you and I knew them.

Gone are the days when kids flocked to gigs to watch a band rock out. This is the generation of DJ’s and party clubs. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve been around long enough to know that these things come in cycles. Unfortunately, that means we won’t be seeing a band in the same caliber as Urbandub anytime soon.

Urbandub is part of a now old school breed of musicians. For anybody who picked up an instrument and formed a rock band, they were an inspiration as well as an aspiration. I can’t count how many conversations I’ve had with my musician friends about Urbandub, about how they thrived despite the uncertainty of the music industry and how their music resonated with so many people.

Plenty of bands talk about the how they are only about the music. With Urbandub, you actually believed them. You wanted to support them. They had the uncanny ability to connect deeply into the hearts of many. Their music always knew how to say what we wanted better than we could.

Urbandub the band may no longer be, but we’ll always have the music.

Urbandub – Evidence (director’s cut)

PS – This is my favorite video from Urbandub. No other band would have had the clout and the guts to do a video like this. Just one of the many reasons why there will live forever.

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