Cebu means a lot of things to a lot of people. We thought we would give it a shot and see what the 032igers described as “Truly Cebu.”

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Wires blocking the beautiful sunset skies are a staple here in Cebu. Much to the bane of most sky lovers. Shot by deetoxify.

A favorite of mountain air lovers and… lovers. It’s the perfect place to get their breeze on! Shot by arvraleisyoungandfree.

Will Handuraw replace Outpost as the local music hub? Only time will tell. Shot by fredbaa.

Damn straight! Steam rice the _ _ _ _ out of it! Shot by jekert.

Good to see that a few people still cherish CDs. By the way, Missing Filemon? Awesome. Shot by jekert.

You can’t get any more Cebuano than that. Asa ka? Guadalupe? Carbon? Shot by loienario.

If you can guess where this was shot in 2 seconds, you are truly Cebuano. Shot by mariamariadee.

Many a soul searching happening in those bridges. Pray not many jumping. Shot by ryannreyes.

“Miss chillin in the 032” There’s no better place to chill! Nice shirt! Shot by tokyobreeze.

One of our favorite shirts say, “Ginabot & Puso & Suka & Sparkle.” Can anyone guess the brand? Shot by wenjiecadelina.


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