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It’s the time of year when we share the best articles on Zerothreetwo. We’re very proud of what the content looks like, especially when you compare it to a few years ago. This year finally, Zerothreetwo has something to say. It was all well and good to blog about restaurants and fun trips, but I wanted Zerothreetwo to stand for something and to show the way to better living in Cebu.

This year, we touched on topics like what it is like to live in our urban jungle, about experiencing a creative life, about extraordinary people doing great things, and, of course, wonderful places to eat.

We’re done chasing cheap pageviews and likes. When someone reads our content, we want them to feel something. If we can excite change, show a better way of living, or even just inspire, we’ll be happy. Blogging about the latest happenings and restaurants wasn’t doing that. Sure, we got plenty of readers because of it, but we weren’t sure we were making a dent. Hopefully with the new content, we are.

Enjoy the top 10 Zerothreetwo Articles of 2017:


11 Ugly Things About Cebu

Sidewalks? What Sidewalks?

You know what they say, a walking city is a safe city. If the state of our sidewalks was to be believed, we are far from being safe. There are still many places (*cough* Talamban *cough*) where sidewalks are virtually non-existent and we pedestrians have to fight for our life and safety against speeding vehicles. I mean, is it so hard to ask for safe, well-lit walkable sidewalks? Sidewalks that are not used as parking spaces, or alternate habal-habal routes? If our sidewalks were safe, well-lit and not littered with trash, a lot of people would walk to places. We’d be a healthier city.

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Only Filipina Performer in Disney Cruiseline

A lot of people settle. They don’t follow their dreams and they let fear get in the way with what they truly want. This does not apply to Rhina Echivarre, the only Filipina mainstage performer at the Disney Cruiseline. She shares her story of how she decided to get out of her comfort zone and follow her passion as a performer and singer. Of course, there were challenges and even setbacks that were almost career ending, but no one said chasing your dream was going to be easy.

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My Top 5 Cebu Co-Working Spaces

Co-working has become more popular in Cebu. A few years ago, I used to work in Cebu’s first co-working space, Location 63, which was owned by Chris Ducker, an international blogger and entrepreneur. Back then, the term co-working was such an alien term. As someone who has worked with different foreign start-ups, the importance of co-working cannot be denied. For start-ups and freelancers that want to grow, it is important to be part of a like minded community that shares different expertise, ideas, and skills.

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These 9 Mactan Restos Mean You Don’t Have To Cross The Bridge For Good Food

It’s been a great year for the Mactan food scene. Once a quaint little island that boasted one Jollibee and one McDonald’s (which didn’t come until later), Mactan as an island has grown into a respectable food hub in its own right. And I’m not talking about the super high-end restaurants you can find at resorts either. There’s tons of food places that people can enjoy without spending a small fortune; casual dining places that you’d usually find on the other side of the bridge.

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The State of the Solid Waste Management in Cebu

Almost all the articles linked to the Inayawan hullabaloo had quotes and excerpts from our many officials complaining and pointing fingers. Instead of bickering with each other, why can’t we look at real solutions? What can we do with the waste? Are there ways to create them into energy? Or reuse them? What about the waste habits of the people? It’s still common to see people throwing their trash on the road. You can see pedestrians as well as people in nice cars throwing their plastic wrappers on the road as if the city was one big trash can. Can we stop treating our beloved city like that? The news articles consistently report that up to 600 tons of garbage is collected by Cebu City every day. Let me repeat that in case that wasn’t clear. We create 600 tons of garbage every day. That’s the weight of about 300 cars.

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Where did the Cebu Sound go?

I was reminiscing because there aren’t as many gigs. Gone are the days of the noisy four piece garage band. It’s been replaced by DJ’s and acoustic acts. It’s not better or worse, just different.

Back in the day, there were tons of gigs all over the city. The best ones were always in The Outpost, but you could find a gig almost everywhere. Many of them in shitty little bars that no one had ever heard of, but they were so much fun.

Which got me thinking, there has to be bands around similar to what the Cebu music scene had years ago. Where are these guys?

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7 Stories From Cruising the Baltic Sea (One from each city)

Most of our time was spent in the biggest moving structure I’ve ever been in. It was a pleasure to call the Regal Princess home for the trip. The ship had everything, you could gamble to your hearts delight, go swimming as much as you wanted, there was dancing with live bands every night, plenty of different shows, we even watched a ventriloquist perform, there was a gym, a basketball court, cafes, bars, unlimited buffet. Anything you could ever ask for.

The nature of a cruise means you visit plenty of places, but don’t spent much time in them. All in all we docked in seven different countries within a two week span, we spent about one day in each destination. I would have wanted to spend more time in every place we visited, but glad to have visited them all. What follows is a quick description of what stood out from each visit.

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What I Learned from Jason Magbanua’s SDE Rant

I learned a lot just reading Jason Magbanua’s tweets. I’m going to make a few assumptions on his story, and I hope he doesn’t take it the wrong way. I just thought it would be nice to highlight his journey through his tweets.

Here’s what I learned from Jason Magbanua’s SDE Rant:

Started from the bottom now we’re here.

It’s almost cliche, but it’s true. Everyone has to start somewhere. He was literally in the bottom of the videography ladder. Like any ladder worth climbing, it’s a long way up.

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9 Thoughts on Brand Building

You don’t define the brand

Once you put something out in the world, you lose control of it. You can nudge, suggest, and hope people perceive your brand the way you want them to, but this is beyond your control.

Your audience defines the brand. You can mold what they think, you can put it into words, but they have final say. Perception is everything. The best you can do is to tell your story, but the way that story is processed and ultimately judged is not up to you.

That’s the art in branding. Those who do it best, do it with laser focus. Others confuse through trying too many things too many times.

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Letter to Creatives

Dear Creative,


It’s a tough world out there. Making a living through creative work is difficult. Not only do you face many obstacles, but plenty don’t understand what you do. All they see is the micro seconds it took to take a photo, the minutes in drawing a logo, and the few hundred words of copy written. They don’t see the years and years of effort and practice to learning a craft.

I want you to succeed.

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*Main photo by Trent Erwin on Unsplash



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