For the year 2011, we have so many things to be thankful for. Thank you writers and photographers for submitting content promoting the very city we love. Thank you advertising partners for helping us continue to push on through. And most of all, thank you dear readers who continue to visit the site, join our contests, buy our shirts, and spread the word about how awesome Cebu is.


We have one last hurrah before we usher in 2012. Here is a quick list of 2011’s most visited articles in no particular order.

–   Let’s start out with the big story for 2011. SM Seaside City Cebu started construction in the South Road Propoerties (SRP) – a ton of people are excited for this gigantamall to open it’s doors and create opportunities for millions of Cebuanos. Looks like the peeps down south have something extra to look forward to.

–   You know what we discovered while running the ZeroThreeTwo site? Cebuanos love to eat. Food posts are the most talked about topic in our Twitter account (probably coz the one in charge of it eats constantly). These are the most visited EAT/DRINK posts for 2011: Onze, Simply J’s Cafe, K-RibsFrontgate, and Joed’s Lutong Hapon. Notice that these restaurants are all affectionately called hole in the walls. None of them are located in a mall and rely on word of mouth to get business.

–   Cebu also has a thriving underground clothing industry. Walk around the city and look around. Every now and then, you will notice someone wearing a loud T with cartoony graphics. Chances are the shirt was either from Nick Automatic or the Pick-Up Shop. These two enjoy massive followings brought about by their hard work and dedication to the world of shirt illustration. This dedication even inspired numerous other clothing brands thus you will notice a multitude sprouting around in the city.

–   Clearly Cebuanos love to take advantage of down time. We work hard and play hard because we value R&R. One of the our favorite chill activities is Island Hopping. This list proved to be very informative to all the people who visited the page – obviously planning their next private getaway to the middle of the sea.

–   Lastly, we need to acknowledge what makes Cebu the most beautiful island in the Philippines. We have women to die for. And this year’s Miss Cebu 2012 Contestants are no exception. Plenty wanted to learn more about what this year’s crop of beauties were like. Hopefully we aided them in choosing their “bets” wisely.

That’s that. See you guys next year tomorrow for more ZeroThreeTwo goodness.

Happy New Year everyone!

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