Dear Newly Elected Cebu Officials,

Last May 13, we stood in line for several hours to vote. There were times when we felt like passing out, but we endured the heat of the sun. We did this because we wanted to fulfill our obligation to elect rightful and deserving leaders. We voted because, although they say politics is dirty, we believe that good governance is possible. We voted because we know that when we do, we giving you the power to make a difference.

Please don’t fail us.

Please don’t fail the millions of people who took a chance in voting for you. We just want to see a better Cebu and a better Philippines.

Hopefully, you don’t just sit and rest on your laurels. Go ahead and savour the sweetness of victory, but don’t forget the promises you made while asking for our precious votes. The real work starts now. This is your time to show us your sincerity in improving the lives of the masses.

hey im talking to youThere are many issues in Cebu that call for immediate action. We aren’t sure you’ve noticed. We hope you aren’t closing your eyes to what we encounter every day. Please put our tax money to good use and not placed in the pockets of the greedy.


Cebu needs a decent airport. You wouldn’t know that tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in Cebu by looking at our airport. How can you feel pride when talking about the Mactan Cebu International Airport? We don’t need a foreigner telling us that our airport is falling apart. We can see it for ourselves and so should you. We are not asking for a Changi-like airport, but at the very least we want to see improvement. Provide us with an airport that gives justice to the natural beauty of Cebu.


Cebu is becoming more and more populated. Traffic is getting worse and worse. The current traffic management system is simply not keeping up with the congestion. I’m sure even you’ve noticed that while riding inside your luxury cars. Before the elections, we were inconvenienced by a series of road reconstructions all over Cebu. While we appreciate the effort, please work on the sections that really need it. Like our drainage system. Even you would agree that this badly needs improvement.

For many Cebuanos, the main means of transportation is via motorcycle or bicycle. Is it any wonder that this also happens to be one of the most dangerous ways to commute in the city? More steps should be taken to protect these people. A serious inquiry should be taken in the feasibility of bike lanes in Cebu. How many more accidents should happen before we make a move?


Many of us live in fear. When night creeps in, we don’t feel safe. Pickpockets, thieves, prostitutes and other creatures of the night threaten our safety. What’s more alarming is that many of those involved are minors.  We are aware that you have projects for the out of school youth, but please triple the effort. It is a shame to read that Cebu at night is a medieval nightmare.


Our city needs a major MAJOR clean up. While many of us value the environment, we have to admit that many still do not know the importance of a clean city. Too many times we see people throwing trash straight to the street. There needs to be a campaign to educate people. A campaign that will teach the importance of respecting the place we live in. Many lines in the article entitled, “Why Is Your City in Chaos?” struck us. But the most scathing line was, “City is a city and a pig is a pig. Cebu is a pig residing in filthy pigsty.” While Cebu is home of the best Lechon in the world, we do not want the word pig associated with our dear place.

We have a responsibility to make Cebu and our country a better place. In the end, we shouldn’t rely solely on government officials to make a change. Nevertheless, we would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we voted for you with complete trust and faith. Show us what it is like to be a true public servant. Please.




Your Citizens

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