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I miss looking out the window, seeing the bright rays of the sun and getting excited to go out and play. Back when games weren’t in our pockets, going outside were the best times.

When I was a kid, I used to have a small matchbox in my pocket. It wasn’t for cigarettes, but rather it was for my stable of kakas (fighting spiders). Do you remember that game? We would pit our prize fighters on a stick and let them battle to the death. The victor always wrapped the loser in their web and sucked the life out of them. It was a wondrous, our version of sabong (cockfighting).

Compared to today, the early 90’s was a very different time. The Game Boy, Sega and SNES were for the privileged few. Internet was just starting. Some of my neighbors didn’t even have computers. Play meant calling a friend and going outside the house. These days the phone in our pocket puts all the old game consoles to shame. There’s probably an app that virtually puts a spider on a stick while they fight to the death. Kind of reminds me of Mortal Kombat.

We’re calling this latest Zerothreetwo collection GAMES.

The goal is to immortalize the good old days; a time when kids used to play with real things instead of screens, when play meant getting sweaty from running around under the sun, when strategy meant hiding from the police in Pulis Dungab, when home base meant a corner of a piece of paper lovingly drawn to play shooting stars.

The GAMES Collection is an ode to a time well spent.


Pre-order period ends on February 18, 2016. 

You can pre-order the items from this collection at a discounted price. Soon after pre-order period ends, we will be delivering your orders. Then price reverts to regular price. 


The Philippine Match Company made the perfect homes for our prized fighters. See that one creeping out? His name is Brock.

Pre-order at The Assembly Online.

Shooting Stars

Whoever invented this game must have been incredibly bored in class. This shirt is our tribute to the many countless hours of class spent trying to pay attention.

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All our favorite games artfully packed into one shirt. How many can you count?

Pre-order at The Assembly Online.

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