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Trusting my instincts and intuition.

That is one practice I like to do when taking photographs. When that gut feeling tells you to shoot, do it.

Of course technical knowledge is needed to properly compose your shot and set your camera, but your gut feeling, many times, is the reason to take that shot.

There’s a good argument to shoot using logic or the conscious part of your brain, but you need to be able to avoid the paralysis by analysis trap. That’s why I tend to shoot using my gut feeling while the logic part of my brain is a guide when composing.

Try it. See if this approach works for you. Follow your gut! I do the same when editing my work and curating photos for Through the Lens.

Welcome to your weekend photo series!

It’s a start of a whole new set! Submit as many photos as you want through the #032igers

hashtag on Instagram or Tumblr. A good photo always has a chance to be featured.

Before we go through this week’s selection, we want to announce the July Photo of the Month winner! And the winner is…

Osmeña Peak, Cebu

“Osmeña Peak, Cebu” Photo by Wilfredo ( @dodidsir )

Congratulations Wilfredo! We’ll contact you soon so you will be able to claim your prize. Your photo was chosen through a point system by the Zerothreetwo faithful.

Now to the first batch of August selections:

“Apparently, this is what balanced looks like: Baked salmon, roasted mixed vegetables and organic unpolished red rice.” Photo by Hazel Caballero-Scott ( @hazelcaballeroscott )

"The Ironmen"

“The Ironmen” Photo by @hamz2myhead


“Dreadful” Photo by David Adrian Duma ( )

"Together let's reach for the sky."

“Together let’s reach for the sky.” Photo by John Charlo ( @jn.krlo )

E x h a l e

” E x h a l e ” Photo by @rivkapaige


“Abandoned” Photo by Kenneth Asprer ( @kennethasprer )


“Fine” Photo by Katherine ( @katherineannika )


"When I said "take me somewhere beautiful" what I really meant was 'I want to hold your hand.' "

“When I said ‘take me somewhere beautiful’, what I really meant was ‘I want to hold your hand.’ Photo by Kyno ( @thekynoexperience )

"Capture every final moment twice. "

“Capture every final moment twice.” Photo by Josh Ong ( @adrieljosh )

Do you agree with our pick for the July Photo of the Month winner? Any bets for this new batch of selections? We would love to hear from you. Comment on the box below.

Click here to see the previous Photo of the Month winner

Post your best photos of the week taken between August 7 and August 15, and tag it with #032igers for a chance to get featured next Saturday and win Zerothreetwo merchandise for our Best Photo of the Month.

See ya next week!

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