Without question Cebu boasts plenty of talented photographers. We get submissions every day of beautiful photos taken in our fair city. But not many have a portfolio like Dan Ong’s. He has shot plenty of Cebu’s most beautiful women and their beauty shines through in every photograph.

“I tend to look for beauty no matter the chaos”

Judging from the photos we got from him, he hasn’t needed to look hard for beauty. They are all literally in front of him! This isn’t even an exaggeration; all you have to do is look at his photographs. Obviously they trust him to portray them at their best.

Here’s Dan Ong everyone!

032: How did you start out becoming a professional photographer?

Dan: Ever since I was a kid, I always viewed scenes and objects differently. You see, I tend to look for beauty no matter the chaos. Case in point, a pile of scrap metal, in my eyes, could produce a beam of light reflected from the fading sun and I would highlight it obliterating the fact that it’s just a pile of junk. Being a professional photographer is an outlet for me to highlight the things that I perceive.

032: You seem to prefer portraits, what other sub-genre in photography do you enjoy doing?

Dan: I tried different genres, but It was only on my 4th year I realized that I love to shoot people, either fashion or portrait.

032: You have had the pleasure of shooting some of Cebu’s most beautiful women. How do you do it?? Uhm… How do you get them as subjects?

Dan: Most of them have agencies that trust my work. Thanks to them, they allow me to shoot their models. As for the real people who exude beauty and confidence, it is by way of recommendation and for that I’m flattered.

032: Do you have any favorites? Does anyone specific come to mind? Why?

Dan: I can’t name one. But I think I do have a favorite that I always request to photograph.

032: What do you look for when you are shooting a model?

Dan: I look for something interesting to highlight. It depends… if it’s for high fashion or for profile. There are some who are very versatile; they can manage to do both. But some are just for profile and some are just for fashion.

032: How is it working with some of the best models, make-up artists and designers in Cebu?

Dan: Very flattering. I thank them for trusting me.

032: How do you approach your portrait sessions? Do you have an idea as to what the picture will look like before hand? Do you have a concept ready? How do you go about it?

Dan: For some ads, there are pegs (tear sheets) for ideas on what the client wants, some are just impromptu.

032: How do you approach your photography in general? Do you have a philosophy that you follow?

Dan: As a portrait photographer, there is one quote that I always keep in mind, and that is “there are no bad subjects but only bad photographers,” which I learned from my mentors.

032: Who are the photographers that you look up to?

Dan: Steven Meisel, Richard Avedon, Jill Greenberg and many more!

032: Any favorite photographers from Cebu?

Dan: Jon Unson, because before I started photography I always admired his works.

032: Do you have any tips for the aspiring portrait photographer?

Dan: Keep shooting. Photography is a never ending journey, there is always something new each time you click your shutter.


032: Do you place your photos anywhere else in the net other than Facebook?

Dan: No, but I can see some of my works in other people’s blog. 😀

032: Where is your studio located?

Dan: The studio is located in Mandaue, it’s a private studio. Asides from my personal private studio, I also have a studio in BTC that caters to babies.

032: If people would want to book you, how do they go about it?

Dan: Just contact me through my mobile or email . *(details on the left sidebar)

032: Equipment questions – What camera do you use? What lenses do you have? What flashes do you like using?

Dan: I use a Canon. It’s sufficient for me.


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