We needed to do it again.

There are things that work great the first time. It’s so awesome that you need to do it again.

We’re referring to two things.


We Built This City was originally in black. But we loved it so much that we needed a screaming red version.

Introducing We Built This City (Red).

we built this city red


Get the shirt first, click here.


People have been asking us to reprint some of the older designs.

ZeroThreeTwo listens to the people.

The first reprint is the iconic Cebu Skyline.

Here’s an old photo the shirt:


We’ll be taking more pictures of the shirt soon. In the meantime, be the first. Get it now, click here.

Both shirts will be released in American Blvd (SM City Cebu) and Hip Street (Ayala Center Cebu) soon. In the ┬áthe meantime, first dibs goes to the online crowd. Visit Cebu’s Online Store – the Assembly.

For those who need it, best to order online first. That’s the best time to order because that is when all sizes are available. Once we send it to the stores, no telling what sizes might be sold out. Visit the Assembly, click here.

Photos by: Carlo Villarica and Patrick Bitoy

Models: Steph Senires and Jason Paul

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