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One of the advantages of living in a small city like Cebu is the opportunity to meet many people. The circles are small. If you are seeking a particular tribe, it isn’t difficult to find. Want to meet musicians? Watch a few gigs and share beers with them afterwards. Want to meet dancers? Take a few dance classes and hang out after. The magic happens when you get people from different tribes and put them together to collaborate.

The latest video from Vincent Eco is a beautiful example of that happening. The crew behind the video decided to open themselves up to outside collaborators. Through a friend of a friend of a friend they all found each other and made it happen.


Here’s what Manna Alcaraz, one of the video producers, had to say about it:

Monica Villarica was such a trooper while shooting and dancing on concrete. She got scratches and perhaps even some bruises when shooting this but powered through the other takes.

During the singing parts,Vincent Eco felt a bit weird being shot by a camera in front of the street team so we asked him to close his eyes while singing. It worked, yeah?

Martin Tabanag apparently knew Vincent and Monica beforehand because he had already shot both of them separately before for Dogpound Films.

Lastly, before shooting the music video, Carlo Villarica shot Monica Villarica (Editor’s note: Scott Pacaldo shot Monica. I just sat there. Thanks Scott!) as model for the I Know You Do shirts by Zerothreetwo without knowing that she would also be dancing for the music video of the same song. That’s what we call a beautiful coincidence.

Here you go folks, enjoy the music video of I Know You Do. We had fun doing this.

Cebu needs more of this. Look to the people outside your circle and find ways to do projects together. Let’s stop staying in our little silos. Let’s go out and do something together.

Enjoy the video.






Carlo Villarica

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