“Vachal is a granddaughter of Cebu political kingpin Pablo Garcia and niece of ex-governor and Cebu 3rd District representative Gwendolyn Garcia. The pretty Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter breezed through the Blind Auditions of “The Voice” with a breathtaking rendition of the 1930s classic standard ‘Dream A Little Dream of Me.'” – from Interaksyon

Before you watch the video, leave your political affiliations at the door. Just watch what Amy Vachal can do. Take it for what it is – a damn good performance.


A string of incohesive thoughts:

  • I would have picked Gwen Stefani, she is gorgeous!!!
  • Did you catch all those musical references? Amy teased us with Grateful Dead then hit us with bombs Billy Joel and Frank Sinatra. She’s got taste.
  • Typical of these auditions is usually someone hitting an impossibly high note to climax a song. All Amy needed was a vocal tweak to get the judges to turn (Start at 2:10).
  • I don’t usually watch these types of things, but a good performance is a good performance.


Carlo Villarica

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