Our country loves beauty pageants. It’s only gotten bigger with recent victories in international pageants, particularly the controversial win at the recent Miss Universe. According to our very own Pia Wurtzbach, winning the crown in a beauty pageant is a symbol of hope for many Filipinos.

It’s safe to say Cebuanos share the sentiment.  As a home to many pretty faces and beautiful minds, the crowning of Miss Cebu every January is one of the must see events during Sinulog week. It is easily one of the biggest events of the year.

Zerothreetwo has had the pleasure of covering Miss Cebu for four consecutive years now. A few days before the pageant, we were able to catch the girls during one of their rehearsals. We were fortunate enough to have the chance to have a casual chat with them despite their super busy schedules.

Here’s what we found out about the ladies!


Candidate #1:  Natasha Caira Rosales

As the eldest in the family, Natasha considers being a responsible sister and a good role model to her younger siblings as her greatest achievements. A Psychology major, she believes this will help her understand people more, a very important trait for a beauty queen.

Such a responsible young woman we have there.



Candidate # 2: Tracy Maureen Perez

Tracy is blessed with an angelic face and a sweet smile but don’t be fooled, this girl is a Math wizard. There’s no wonder why she obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering. According to her, if she wins Miss Cebu, her primary advocacy will be focused on helping fight poverty.

May be she can help you with the figures on your budget?


Candidate 3 SHAILA MAE “Shaila” REBORTERA

Candidate #3: Shaila Mae Rebortera

This beautiful face hails from the island of Mactan. She is currently on her third year of Dentistry at Cebu Doctors’ University. When asked about her stand on same sex marriage, she immediately replied that she has nothing against it. She believes that God’s love is the same love we should share with one another.

We couldn’t agree more with her answer.


Candidate 4 DARA NIKKO “Dara” CALAGOS

Candidate # 4: Dara Nikko Calagos

Dara studied Hospitality Management at the University of San Jose Recolletos. She is currently working at Eperformax Contact Centers. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to catch her during the rehearsal.


Candidate 5 FELINA JOYCE “Pine” LIM

Cadidate # 5: Felina Joyce Lim

Felina is your tsinita stunner. She is a registered nurse turned entrepreneur.  She told us that she thinks street parties should be controlled at a certain level. The lively streets during Sinulog is one of the reasons too why tourists and foreigners flock Cebu during the event.

What do you think?



Candidate # 6: Francheska Marie Mamac

Francheska is a Medtech graduate from Velez College. She spilled the beans and told us that her dream man should be taller than her, someone mature which means he should be responsible and understanding.

Guys, did you hear that? Her standards are high as her heels.


Candidate 7 ANNA MARIE “Anna” SALDON

Candidate #7:  Anna Marie Saldon

Anna is a Pysch graduate from Southwestern University and is another proud representative of Lapu-Lapu city.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to catch her during the rehearsal.



Candidate #8 : Daenielle Anne Llenos

Daenielle is studying Mass Communications and radiates a very witty look. Her favorite book is The Revolution by Jennifer O’Donelly.  When asked about her advocacy is if she wins the Miss Cebu title, she said she will support environmental causes.

Looks like we found a future Miss Earth Philippines contestant. Plus a woman’s choice of book says a lot about her personality.



Candidate 9: Gabrielle Raine Baljak

This young lady turns heads.  With her strong mestiza looks and wit, Raine shared how she looks up to her mother as her inspiration in joining beauty pageants since her mom was a former Miss Cebu.

The apple doesn’t fall from the tree.


Candidate 10 BEA CLARISSE “Bea” RABOY

Candidate #10 : Bea Clarisse Raboy

As the first girl I spoke with, Bea was in a rush and stunned so I threw the most random question at her. I asked her, “Aside from yourself, who do you think should win Miss Cebu?” She was all praises to candidate no. 5.

Is she Ms. USA or Ms. Bulgaria? She’s unstoppable in believing in other girls even her competitors.


Candidate 11 VIDA DORIZA “Vida” REYA

Candidate #11: Vida Doriza Reya

Vida truly lives up to the meaning of her name. She is full of life! Last year, she competed in the World Championship of Performing Arts (Modelling) in the USA as part of the Philippine team. Despite joining a modeling competition, she excitedly shares that she fell in love with the food there.

She’s a proof that life is indeed always better with good food!


Candidate 12 MERL “Merl” GAYO

Candidate # 12: Merl Gayo

Last but definitely not the least is the youngest and the tallest lady in the competition. Merl is your flight attendant in the making. According to her, the weird thing about her is that she unconsciously twirls her hair whenever she’s sleepy. She also considers shoes her guilty pleasure.

 Shoelover in the house! We understand you Merl!


Who is your bet to win Miss Cebu? Comment below.

Miss Cebu 2016 Coronation Night will be on Wednesday, January 13 at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

We would like to thank Jaja Rama and the CCTC team, Ms. Cinbeth Orellano and Martina Cubero for making the interviews possible.


Shaira Berame

She loves conversations and stories about life, love and everything in between. See her adventures at her website.

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