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These days, the kids in Cebu are doing a little less partying and a lot more…poetry-reading.

Years ago, people would give you a weird look and say, “Poetry what?” Now it’s slowly becoming a regular event in bars, coffeeshops and even theaters. Who is keeping the poetry alive in Cebu?

Almost Poets Society

This group of Cebuano creatives started out in June 2015 and have since organized poetry gigs all over the city. Just this summer they organized a series of bar tours, regaling us with a beautiful mash of poetry, music and laughter.  Their latest venture, a spoken word contest and event called Adik sa Gugma Dili Sa Droga last June was a collaboration with PDEA and aimed to raise awareness regarding drugs.

Here’s a video from one of their events:



Kota Yamada

This poet has his own book out and about. Launched last July 2, Lost Hearts is a collection of poems that can make you, break you or simply force you to feel something. It doesn’t help that his IG account is full of excerpts of his lovely work– we just can’t get enough of the inspiration. If this Cebuano poet can publish a book, then there’s no stopping you from making one too, right?

Cebu Literary Festival x Juan Miguel Severo

Cebu Literary Festival never ceases to amaze us with their love for the written and spoken word. Last summer, they brought Sara Kaye and Phil Kay for a rare and beautiful spoken word experience. This July 30, they give us Juan Miguel Severo live for the first time ever in the island.

Here’s a video of Juan Miguel Severo:



Juan Miguel Severo is the guy behind the spoken word poetry lines from TV hit “On The Wings Of Love”. He has since published a collection of works called Habang Wala Pa Sila. Whether you’re listening to or reading the works of this guy— it will give you goosies each time. If the performance is not enough, Cebu Literary Festival will also host a spoken word workshop the next day (that’s July 31). Can it get any better? It may well inspire other local poets to step up and share works of their own.

To end, here’s a poem from the Almost Poets Society:


*Header photo by Richard Cafifge





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