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Our friends over at Parkmall recently ended their Fitness Month. The month of September was filled with all sorts of fun activities to get you in better shape. Parkmall has taken strides to be the go to mall for fitness in Cebu. No other mall can compare to the dedication they have shown towards making a better you.

Voted Cebu’s Best Place for Zumba two consecutive years by Sun Star

If you haven’t heard of Zumba, you need to crawl out from under that rock. Zumba is one of the most popular ways to get a good sweat going. It’s effective because it is fun. Voted two years running means they’ve got to be doing it right.

Lots of free fitness activities

Get ready to wiggle and jiggle the sweat out of your body. Parkmall has regular activities at 6:30pm. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday there’s Aerodance. Every Wednesday, you’ve got Zumba. Then finally on Fridays, you can experience Dance Jam.

Parkmall supports all forms of getting fit

The Fitness Party on September 26, 2015 was a celebration of the 5th Year of the Fitness Festival. Those five years show a commitment to health and wellness that is unmatched in Cebu.

During the party, Parkmall showed their willingness to look at various ways to get fit. They helped broaden the horizons of the party attendees by introducing different forms of exercise. First the dancers from Fit & Fab Pole Fitness showed how pole dancing can be classy, challenging and a good fun workout at the same time. Then the group from Cacoy Doce Pares World Federation showed the intensity and focus needed for the Arnis Martial Art. Then the guys from Flow Genesis Parkour and Fitness Studio did a capoeira exhibition that had a level of dexterity only achievable through intense practice.


Pole dancing performance by Fit & Fab Pole Fitness

The 5th Fitness Anniversary celebration couldn’t be complete without giving back to the very community that supported it. There were various winners announced throughout that night. The Fitness Clash, a dance fitness competition combining Parkmall’s three regular fitness activities, Aerodance, Zumba and Dance Jam, had unexpected but well-deserved winners composed of seven members aged 9-11 years old; Ella Mae Mercollo, Jeremiah Agwanta, Samantha Casanova, Maria Sheena, Daniello Orio, Ritchelaine Lucernas, and Reth Laurence Lucernas.

Party registrants also participated in the Fitness Clash by following the different dance steps throughout the night. Ritchie Lucernas and Fe Laña, the two most graceful and energetic participants were awarded as the two Fitness Bums. Announcement of the winners for the Lose to Win BFF Challenge was also one of the most-awaited moments in the party. The initial weigh-in of this challenge was on August 22. The pair with the most weight lost was Hiro Sherwin Cheng and Omar Sharif.

Parkmall also rewarded their five most loyal fitness followers based on their attendance in the regular fitness activities. These were Geralyn Labesores, Oman Sharif, Adelfa Alza, Jennifer Pitogo and Jessevel Cab. The fitness instructors were also recognized for their exceptional work. They are Marco Brigoli and

Dario Tagalog for Dance Jam, Alelu Cane for Zumba and Josephine Teria, who has been with Parkmall for five years now, for Aerodance.


Arnis performance by the young martial artists of Cacoy Doce Pares World Federation





Capoeira performance by members of the Flow Genesis Parkour and Fitness Studio


Warm-up by Mr. Elizalde Berdon


Judges (L-R) Mr. Bennis Martinez, Parkmall Properties Manager, Ms. Racquel Marfega, Parkmall Marketing Manager, Ms. Glenny Augusto and Mr. Elizalde Berdon, both fitness instructors





Team M’s performance



The Fitness Clash continues



Lose to Win BFF Challenge winners, Omar Sharif and Hiro Cheng with Parkmall Mall Manager Ms. Yael Sacris- Torrejos (L) and Parkmall Marketing Manager Ms. Racquel Marfega (R)


Team M, the Fitness Clash champions pose as they receive their gift packs, certificate and cash prize



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