There’s going to be a few changes around here.

We hinted this a few posts ago. Today, we’ll go into detail as to what you can expect from Zerothreetwo for 2015. Don’t worry. The changes aren’t huge. The website isn’t going to all of a sudden morph into a gossip hoarding blood sucking click bait site.

“You’ll never guess what happened after the dog ate the cat…”


2015 is the year we start showing you a little bit more of who we are.

We’ve grown. If you look back into the archives of Zerothreetwo, it used to be all about Cebuano food and events. They weren’t the best written and were fairly one dimensional. I still cringe when I read some of the very first posts. A few of the reviews literally had just four sentences. We’ve gotten better since then, but we haven’t done a good job of showing you who we are as people.

It’s easy to hide behind the logo of Zerothreetwo. That is going to change. Moving forward, you will see more of the people behind the curtain. We’ll open up about our opinions, fears, dreams or whatever it is we feel like sharing.

Obviously, we’ll do our best to steer clear of all the banal aspects of life. I don’t think you really need to hear about my daily breakfast (30 grams of protein – basically lots of tuna and egg).

The goal is to show you more of the inner workings of Zerothreetwo. Hopefully, you come along for the ride.

oslobDo you want to come along for the ride?

Ever since the beginning, we’ve catered the site to be helpful to you. We do our best to not just tell you where we’ve been and what we’ve eaten. We try to provide specific details and hints.

This year, we want to take it even further. We want to hear more from you. Tell us your story. Some of my favorite posts were story submissions from readers; Sinulog-stalgia and Colon Survival Guide.

It doesn’t even have to be written. Share your photos with us. Maybe you have an interesting photo essay about your walk around town. Maybe you like taking pictures of your dog (those better be really really good photos).

The goal is to hear from you. Stories come in many shapes and sizes. Send us an email.

Expect more Zerothreetwo products.

Here’s the exciting part.

We’ve had very positive feedback with regards to Zerothreetwo Clothing. Seeing you wear our stuff is incredibly gratifying and encouraging. Our goal for 2015 is to release twice as many designs.

Therein lays the challenge. We’ll need to work double time to come up with all those designs as 2015 progresses. It’s going to be tough, but very important for the growth of Zerothreetwo.

This means more shirts, caps and possibly other items as well. As usual, the easiest and fastest way to find out about our new products is to subscribe to our newsletter.

The opening of the Assembly by Zerothreetwo in JY Square, Lahug was huge. Finally, we have a space that we can call our own. Not to detract of course from all our regular stockists. They have been great, but there’s nothing quite like having your own display space. Even if it’s only a little kiosk, we’re still incredibly proud of it.

It’s a small step towards the bigger goal of having a full-fledged store. As for now, this will do.

el sol aframe opticsPartner with more brands.

When we decided to start selling merchandise and open a store, we didn’t want to limit the merchandise to just Zerothreetwo. The idea was to always find ways to work with other brands. The Assembly was born with that in mind.

Thankfully, a few brands partnered with the Assembly. Many of them happen to be local brands. We feel it is important to find an avenue for local brands to try and showcase their wares. For this reason, we stock brands like Aframe Clothing, Loudbasstards, Thimblecap, Lilila Primitive Art and Idiosyncratic Crafts.

The goal is to give opportunities to be sustainable. Brand owners are artists as well. There’s nothing poetic about the starving artist. Sustainability means profit. Hopefully, the Assembly can serve as a launch pad to accomplish that.

Although, this does not mean we limit ourselves to local brands. There are plenty of international brands that are consistent with the values of Zerothreetwo. Brands like Kameleonz and Glassy have the kind of message that we want to send to you.

The goal is to work with more like minded brands.

See you in the real world.

This could possibly be the toughest goal in the list.

The beauty about the internet is that it has afforded us the ability to reach lots of people fairly easily. But we want to try to make a real human connection with you. It’s time we saw you outside of our computer screens.

This means we’ll be making more of an effort to organizing events. We’ve done a few very successful events in the past (Mercado Central 2013 and Mercado Christmas 2014). For Sinulog, we’re in the process of putting together Mercado Sinulog 2015. Those have been huge events that suck up a lot of time, effort and stress, but the fact that we were able to interact with you in a very real way made it worth it.

Don’t expect everything we do to be big events. We want to have smaller pocket events too. There are plans for a BBQ (just an excuse to hang out with like-minded people and maybe have a beer or two), a photo walk (photography has always been a guilty pleasure of mine) and maybe even have a few gigs. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be able to do all that for 2015.

New Year 20152014 was a great year for Zerothreetwo. It wouldn’t have been possible without a great team keeping the ship steady.

Thanks to Jake Maningo for handling all the shirt printing and design duties. Who knows what kind of crap we would be releasing if you weren’t around.

Thanks to Shaira Berame for being the ever faithful contributor. Has it really been three years already??!

Thanks to Karen Lepitan and Flor for being our foot soldiers at the frontlines. Without you, the Assembly in JY Square would be chaos.

Thanks to Carla Herrera for pushing this stubborn fool to finally try out the Mercado bazaar concept. You were right!

Thanks to Stefan Garcia for opening my eyes that Zerothreetwo can be so much more than a blog about Cebu. Looking forward to those movie reviews gao!

Thanks to Scott Pacaldo for handling the photography work in the latest release. Looking forward to more projects with you bai!

2015 is going to be epic.

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