Let’s admit it. We have a reckless love-and-hate relationship with books. There are times it is our only companion, and there are times it’s a distraction. We treasure some books while others we forget shortly after buying them. Yet no matter how we play Jekyll-and-Hyde, we will always love them. The question is: are we ready to part with our good ‘old paperbacks?

For a number of readers in Cebu, – bookworms, literary freaks, or plain lovers of the written word – it’s the time of the year when we have to say goodbye to our Murakamis and hello to a set of Eco, Rushdie, and even Dave Barry. Their Books, the award-winning project of Cebu-based NGO Tsinelas, is once again set to serve as an avenue for people to donate their books, buy pre-owned ones while at the same time supporting the advocacy of helping students in the mountain barangays and depressed areas in Cebu.

The idea of Their Books is to sell titles that are previously owned, read, and loved by other people. It can be a set of Gabriel Garcia-Marquez novels or Goosebumps and Sweet Valley High collections acquired during childhood. For a person donating the book, it’s like sharing a part of his life with someone.

For the past four years, Their Books has won the support of different personalities. People from different scenes – music, visual arts, literature, media, the academe, and politics – also donated reading materials for the 3-day book sale. Columnist Michelle So, Bisoy Enoveso of Shiela and the Insects, UP professor and artist Raymund Fernandez, wordsmiths from Bathalan-ong Halad sa Dagang (Bathalad) and national names like – Love Añover, Howie Severino, and the late Cerge Remonde, are some of the names that have made it to Their Books’ list of donors.

Are you a fan of the works of Palanca Awardee Januar Yap? Wondering what influenced Insoy Niñal to write those iconic Cebuano songs that started “BisRock”? Learn about the stories behind the personalities through the books that they have read.

So, what happens when a person buys or donates a book in Their Books?

Aside from enjoying the chance of owning books that were once properties of other people, you will also be helping children stay in school. Proceeds of the sale will be used for various projects of the organization.

Now on its fourth year, Their Books is managed by the Tsinelas Campus Volunteer Chapter, the student arm of the organization.





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