This afternoon, we took a quick drive all around Cebu. We visited Mabolo, Mactan, Talisay, Mandaue, Fuente, Pardo, North Reclamation Area, South Reclamation Area… basically it was a joy ride in the end of a typhoon.

Thankfully, it seems like typhoon Yolanda didn’t do much damage to Cebu.

Here are the photos


We literally drove under this post. Taken on the way to the old bridge.

In SRP, this unfinished establishment needs a new roof.

Metal sheet walls fell all over the city.

These guys were storm watching.

The weather was good enough for people to get out and bike.

The cladding on this building fell on the street. So they closed a portion of Osmena today.

People started cleaning up the trash early. By tomorrow, we might not even realize a typhoon passed.


CITOM earning their paycheck.

Random guy jumping a fence somewhere in Pardo. Hopefully, he didn’t steal anything.

The Fuente Christmas tree fell. 🙁

Along with other trees and branches.

This school still not looking good.

This tree fell in front of Mabolo Church.

This is right before the departure and arrival area at the airport in Mactan.


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