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This is the very first post of Zerothreetwo for 2017.


To be honest, I’m late on this post. I wanted to share it around the first week of January, but life happens. Oh well… better late than never.

Before we continue, quick announcement. We’ve released our latest Sinulog shirt designs on The Assembly Online. Click here to order.

Now that’s out of the way. As per our tradition, we like to look back at previous year’s resolutions. Let’s see how we fared.

For 2016 – these were our goals (You can read last year’s post here).


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I’m proud to say that every Monday of 2016, we sent out Monday Musings. Personally it has become one of my favorite things to write. Get on it this year by subscribing here.

For a peek into what you can expect, here’s an excerpt from an old one.

#Adulting – First question, can we call ourselves adults if we still hashtag? When my son was born, two realizations. First, I had no idea what I was doing. Second, my dad was in his twenties when I was born. I’m guessing he also had no idea what he was doing. As a kid, I always thought my parents had it figured out. In my eyes, they could do no wrong. They had the answers to everything. Now that I have a kid and consider myself a legit adult, I realize how wrong I was. Adults are just figuring it out as they go along. Here are a few more things that might surprise you about growing up.


More Clothing Releases

We didn’t make our goal on this one. The goal was to sell at least 2000 pieces of clothing. As per our 2016 closing blog post, it’s more likely that we sold around 1000 pieces of clothing. We fell short on this one, but we’ll see how we fare for 2017. As mentioned in that 2016 report, part of the reason we fell short is because of a pivot that forced us to focus on other things. More on that below.


More pop culture stuff

Many of our best blog posts touched on pop culture. Zerothreetwo started as a blog primarily about Cebu. We’ve since expanded our content to show you more about the people behind the logo; our interests, our lives, and the stuff that we care about.

Here are a few examples:

032 Book Club

Fresh Tunes Friday

Movie Reviews

For me personally, the stuff I’ve been sharing on the newsletter is what is important to me. Again subscribe to get it directly.


More events

I’m going to stop promising more events. We just don’t have the fortitude and manpower for it. As much as I would like to see more of the people who read this blog in fun events organized by us, it’s just something that we continue to struggle doing. That being said… we’ll try a few things for 2017.


Now to the 2017 resolutions!


The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth (2017 Resolutions) - Zerothreetwo - Carlo Villarica

Continue with what works

The gist of the resolutions will be to continue with what has worked for 2016.

  • Monday Musings
  • Diverse topics for blog posts

On the content front, we’re going to continue with what works. Topics aren’t chosen because we thing they are going to be popular. They are chosen because these are topics we want to talk about.

One of the proudest pieces of content I produced in 2016 was the Zerothreetwo Blogging Guide. That was a monster that took a good two months to create. This year, we’ve got a little something coming up that will hopefully be a staple release for years to come.

We’ll be announcing it soon.


The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth (2017 Resolutions) - Zerothreetwo - Carlo Villarica

Photo by Roanne Rae Cabradilla

Digital Marketing

The biggest revelation of 2016 was that we had the ability to offer companies digital marketing services. Many of these companies simply don’t have the expertise and manpower to handle digital marketing. In this day and age, they know that it is important, but they don’t know how to go about it. That’s where we come in. 2016 showed us that we can build a team catering to these companies.

You won’t see many of these partnerships happening on the pages of Zerothreetwo. Generally, these partnerships entail strategizing and executing their digital marketing on their channels. Many of these companies happen to be SME’s which is a great experience for us to be able to work (in many cases) directly with the people who started these brands/companies.

A big chunk of our focus will go towards building a client base of companies we would be proud to represent. Although you may not see it in the pages of Zerotheetwo, these partnerships are what helps power the site and allows us to bring in more talented creatives to the fold.

For 2017, I’m going to try to get ten more like minded companies to partner with us. We’ll see how that goes. If we are able to continue with the success we’ve had for 2016, that goal shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.


The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth (2017 Resolutions) - Zerothreetwo - Carlo Villarica

Zerothreetwo Merchandise

All that said, that doesn’t mean we won’t be releasing the Zerothreetwo Clothing that you’ve come to know and love.

Similar to last year – the goal will be to sell 2000 units of Zerothreetwo Merchandise. We’re still experimenting here. We’ve worked with stockists, opened our own kiosk, and have the online store. For 2016, we experimented with different kinds of merchandise. We’ve released basic shirts, caps, bags and even hoodies. So far the experience has been awesome. There’s nothing like creating something tangible, something people can hold and touch, something people can love.

We’ll continue to experiment for 2017. Whether it be on the production, on distribution, etc. We’re going to see what works. Whatever way we can make our clothing more accessible to you, we’re going to try it.


Photo by Scott Pacaldo

Have fun

For the longest time, running Zerothreetwo was a grind. Don’t get me wrong. I love the grind. I love the hard work necessary to keep this thing going. But I realized along the way, that I need to make time for the fun stuff as well. I need to make time for celebrating the wins, for hanging out with the people that make Zerothreetwo possible. We were able to do that in our very first Zerothreetwo Christmas party. The party reminded me that we have genuinely great people working in the company. With any luck, we can continue to grow our team and have some fun along the way.

Here’s to 2017.




Carlo Villarica

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