If you do not know what BTG means then it probably means one of two things: you might not be from Cebu, or you are clearly not up to date with the latest news in town.

BTG, better known as BuangaThisGuy, has become a popular icon in Cebu since its launch in November. The website caters to anonymous questions coming from the public. Questions range from love problems, life stories, and even to solving math equations. These are often matched with honest, witty, and hilarious answers that let readers come back for more.

Since BTG is known to answer whatever questions the askers have in mind, I went along and sent a few questions to them via email.

ME: What is BuangaThisGuy about?
BTG: It’s an online Humor Community Site.

ME: How did you guys come up with this idea?
BTG: This idea was an accident. The domain was bought last year but was totally inactive until we just decided to use it for fun. We played around tumblr’s “ask me” feature and used it among friends. We started giving out stupid answers (mostly no-holds-barred answers) until some friends gave the link to their friends and it kept on growing.

ME: I’ve noticed that you’ve grown popular in just 2 months and have continued to grow bigger. Do you plan on expanding to other countries or just continue to cater to Cebuanos?

BTG:We dont consider ourselves popular but we do know our fan base–mostly students and young professionals looking to kill time. As for the expansion, we are currently developing our own application that’s based on people’s suggestions and our own research with user experience as well. As for expanding to other countries, I don’t think that’s gonna happen soon even with our upcoming 2.0 app since part of what made this app successful was its focus purely on bisaya demographics. But as they say, never say never.

ME: Do you consider yourself a Cebuano “love guru”?
BTG: I don’t consider myself a love guru but for some strange reason, a lot of people keep on asking me about love. Though one thing’s for sure, I’m very very blunt with my answers. If they ask something, I give them my honest opinion without sugar coats.

ME: Lastly, do you have anything else to add?
BTG: For those who have not heard of us, please check us at www.buangathisguy.com. Also as mentioned earlier, we are very excited in launching our own BuangaThisGuy app which is more robust, dynamic, and interactive compared to the current one we have. We are confident this will make your stay more enjoyable on our site.

Part of the attraction that BuangaThisGuy has stirred around the city are the colorful shirts they are promoting. I was lucky enough to take part in a photoshoot upon the launch of their latest BTG t-shirts that come in black, blue, red, pink, orange, and violet.

In a nutshell, BuangaThisGuy is a fun site to kill time and get honest opinions from random strangers. Visit www.buangathisguy.com the next time you need someone to answer your questions.

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