It’s another Saturday morning and kids are lining outside this small shirt shop, battling the glaring sun and smog-filled roads. People across the street are clueless as to why there are so many lining up and waiting. It looks like a moshpit at your local concert grounds. The kids (and some supportive parents) have come early to line up and get priority numbers for these colorful and limited shirts that have been running rampant in the Cebu scene as of late. It’s another all-out release by clothing line Mermollie Ink at the Pick-Up Shop.

The Pick-Up Shop, formerly known as Merch Connect, is an apparel and accessories shop that stocks designs from Cebu’s independent local clothing brands. Located across the McDonald’s branch in Jones, a stone’s throw away from Crown Regency (check out the map in the pics); it houses brands like Mermollie Ink, ROBO Muffin, Think Positive Wear, The Plague, and many more. It is open from Monday to Saturday with store hours of 10 AM to 5 PM.

There are many stores in Cebu that sell shirts from particular brands, but the Pick-Up Shop is a whole different monster. Fresh from a recent renovation, the Pick-Up Shop opened its doors on November 13, 2010. I was one of the kids who waited it out for more than 2 hours just to get these limited edition shirts with crazy illustrations and concepts. It was a long wait, but, boy, it was worth it! I got to buy two shirts from their Halloween release, and I’ve been following the brands for new designs ever since. These shirts are appealing because of the limited release of designs. It’s an indie operation; these artists rely only on the internet and word of mouth for promotion. We’ve got some crazy good talent here in the Queen City of the South! Many graphic illustrators and designers are not only appreciated locally but also internationally as well.  Buying their shirts is simply a form of appreciation for their beautiful and well thought out designs.

The store is probably smaller than your bedroom, but what it lacks in space, it makes up with attitude. Color-filled spray painted illustrations adorn the walls of the shop. Since the place is so small, they only allow a few people in at a time. You can imagine the mayhem of a hundred kids, all eager to select and buy shirts, but only three to five of them can enter the shop at a time. They were still willing to wait, and that in itself shows how much these kids love their t-shirts! People line up, they wait, they go inside the store, select their preferred designs, pay the bill, and walk out happy campers.

If you’re looking for a different kind of shirt with crazy and unique illustrations, this store has it all! These are also cheaper than the ones found in malls, and the quality is still top notch. 100% Cotton shirts with custom slim-fit sizing makes sure that you look sleek and fit. Whether you’re a rhythm guitarist in a rock band or an active leader in extracurricular activities, people from all walks of life will find something to their liking. Hurry! Check out the Pick-Up Shop, and get your shirts now, before they run out of stock!

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